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Cassava Leaves Palava Sauce with Steamed Rice - Sierra Leonean Recipe

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe. Today I am very excited to showcase a dish that I think should have been the very first food post on my blog. I can confidently say that cassava leaves palava sauce is the most popular dish in Sierra Leone.  I am yet to meet a Sierra Leonean who doesn't like love this dish. 
As with most of my dishes, you can use any meat or fish of your choice, I am using lamb necks and king fish in this recipe.  This is how I cook it for my family, maybe you might want to give your family this experience too, so take a deep breath, calm down and let's get cooking, after all it's not as hard as you might think.  

You will need:

300gms oven dried king fish, 800gms lamb necks, 500gms cassava leaves(minced) 11/2 cups palm oil, 1 medium sized onions and two habanero chillies (crushed) 3 tbs unsalted peanut butter, 1tsp ogiri (fermented sesame seeds) 500gms butter beans, 3 maggi beef stock cubes, 3 cups water, salt to taste.

(Most of these ingredients can be purchased from African stores and Asian green grocers)


In a sauce pan over high heat, add meat and water and boil till tender (about 20 minutes), then add ogiri and minced cassava leaves and cook for 10 minutes
Then add palm oil and cook for 10 minutes
Then add peanut butter and cook for 10 minutes
lower heat, add fish, chilli, onions and stock cubes and simmer for 15 minutes.
 (Note that at this point, I normally add okra to bind the sauce together but I didn't in this recipe because the peanut butter had already thickened the sauce)
Finally add beans and simmer for 10 more minutes.

Serve with steamed rice. Enjoy.


  1. Yum Yum!! Looks so good Elsie - Lovely!!


  2. I love cassava leaves! Every time I visit family, they always have this made with my plate to come back home. Thank you for the recipe! God bless


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