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Green and Blue| Rocking it for the Irish

I put this outfit together just so I could join the band wagon.  I wasn't going anywhere but I wanted to wear green to celebrate St Patrick's day, because everyone else was celebrating or maybe I'm too scared that the naughty leprechaun might pull one on me.  Linking up to Trend Spin Linkup, Monday Mingle and Visible Monday.  Thank you for popping over, please take your time and look around, you might get an idea or two. Also, if you like what I have to offer, hop on by following my blog, and let's do this together.
Outfit details:
Necklace and Bangle: Jacqui e
Sandals: Tony Bianco
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue


  1. Elsie this is a very good dress. I love how it fit on you - gorgeous!!


  2. That dress suits you, love the colour.(Emiy)

  3. So beautiful on you! Love your blue nails! xxx

  4. Thanks Vix. Glad you like the nails. xoxo

  5. Such a fun dress and a gorgeous color on you!

  6. Flattering dress,cut and colour, both.Love your biue nails and heels.

  7. Great dress, I love the way it drapes.
    Madison :-)

  8. Green and blue , beautiful combo, i love it.

  9. Gorgeous in green! You were better off, just being pretty at home. It was a big event at our restaurant, but I'd rather take a beating than work St, Paddy's. Perfectly nice folks who come in to dine like civilized folk every other day use the day as an excuse to get rude and hammered. Glad it's over!

    1. You poor thing. Yes, alcohol does bring out that ugly side. I'll be glad too. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Oh Elsie! I remember this dress from your wedding reception - such a wonderful fun evening. Happy memories!


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