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Being grateful

I am one of those people who complain about the heat during summer and tell everyone who cares to listen how I can't wait for winter to arrive, then winter arrives and I do a complete turn around and start complaining about how cold it is.  I like to believe that I am an easy going, go with the flow, non whinging kind of person, however when it comes to the weather it's a different ball game altogether.  

So the other day I was thinking aloud, why am I making a big fuss about trivial issues when there are people who would give anything just to sit outside and feel the winter breeze or feel the heat during summer?  That is why today, I am grateful for being here in health and strength, for the two degrees Celsius winter morning and for my beautiful family and friends that I have around me.

I know it is easy to complain but I choose to make a conscious effort to just be grateful, I suppose that is also kind of going with the flow but in a positive way. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, hope you like the outfit and don't be a stranger, leave a comment.
Dress: Crossroads
Shawl: Suzanne Grae
Shoes: The Shoe Show
Earrings: Lovisa
Headscarf: Gift

Leggings: Jeans West


  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I am drooling on my keyboard! I love your head wraps so much and I am amazed at what a difference there is between when you wear a head scarf or when your hair is down. Both looks are gorgeous and how lucky you are to have such versatility.

  2. I love shawls Elsie, yesterday I bought one too!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  3. That shawl is just gorgeous Elsie and I do love the way you can wear a headscarf and look gorgeous yourself. I agree with Shawna, how lovely to have such versatility. Keep warm. xx

  4. It's always good to be grateful. I love that shawl, it looks very nice with the striped top.:)

  5. Hi Elsie! I'm very sensitive to extremes in the weather. I wish it was 65 degrees every day really. Sometimes I think I prefer 75 but then we can't wear boots.

    love your shawl!

  6. Love your shawl and your attitude, Elsie! xxx

  7. You look fabulous great outfit.

  8. Hi Elsie, love these outfits on you , especially your clever headscarf. Looks like a clear , sunny day, we had a -2 this morning. Good to see another Australian blogger.

  9. Gorgeous mini dress, love stripes! I try to be grateful for things. This way I'm more positive and enjoy life.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  10. Lovely! That's a great headwrap too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  11. You look amazing.. very elegant and stylish! Black and white will never get out of fashion, love this combo very much :)


  12. You look lovely! I like the stripes, and the shoes are cute. The color for the scarf on your hair pops against the black.
    from the link up, jess

    please stop by


  13. Gorgeous wrap and a wonderful sentiment. Over here moaning about the weather is a national pastime! x

  14. Elsie, I swear to you that if I could shape-shift, I'd morph right into an exact copy of you. Just can't say how much I admire your combination of prints and fabrics. Really, really, a lot!
    I do the weather moaning as well. I look better in winter things and feel better in summer things but the weather stinks.


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