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Fun Day Out At Adventure World

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To start off 2015 with a bang, oh sorry I meant BANG, hubby and I, my sister and a group of friends organised a day out with the kids to Adventure World.  I sort of got everyone hyped up about how much fun it would be, I was telling them to bring their swimsuits because there are lots of pools and water play for the kids, lots of rides and blah, blah, blah.  You see, yours truly is the biggest coward you will ever come across.  I am scared of heights and I can't swim, so even though I enjoyed the day out, I got back home with only one pitiful ride under my belt.   Even that ride my dear readers is another blog post altogether.  My girlfriend who is a bigger wuss than myself decided to go on the ride with me.  We were peddling this bicycle like thingamajig, on a thin rail like thingamabob high up with our eyes firmly shut. Can you imagine?  Anyway, half way through I opened my eyes, only because my friend was asking if we had reached the end and the kids where yelling and waving.

Most of the other guys gave it a go.  Okay, the little secret here is that most of us in the group can't swim, and those that can, have a unique way of doing it.  Take hubby for example, he can dive down and stay under the pool for a long time because he has mastered breath control however when he swims, his legs are all over the place in the water. Then there are the others who are good at standing in the pool, while I safely held on to the camera taking photos just to avoid being asked to give it a try.  Only the kids and Alton did a decent job of the swimming. Elma and Bernadine I officially crown water slide pros and champion give everything a go.  It was definitely a fantastic day out and I am ready to do it again.  

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Marcel and Philip
Philip playing with the boys
Alton (Elma's husband) and Cynthia (my sister)
Elma and Bernadine
Bernadine, all excited under the water slides

Eight, off the water slide
I had to take a photo of the dinosaur eggs and bones
Hubby unleashing the inner child

You do not want to see our faces in this photo
Elma, Eight, Bernadine and Stephen, Cynthia (Stephen and Bernadine are the newly weds)


  1. I love your blog
    i am on G+
    this is how i came across
    i love your pictures
    your family day out is just fun fun

  2. Happy photos - it does seem like you had fun. :) I can swim all right, but no rides for me - I'd be sitting right there under that big tree. You look lovely in your all-white outfit, Elsie. Happy 2015! xxx

  3. fun time
    lets follow each other.. let me know if you are interested

  4. Ahhh...it looks like such a great time was had, I love it!! I need this sunshine, haha :) Happy New Year my dear, I hope it's a fantastic and happy year for you with many blessings!!! xx

  5. What an adventure looks like so much fun and you look great.

  6. Oh wow I want some sunshine, hehe we had snow last week here.. lovely outfit Elsie, looks like a great time, so much fun :)

  7. Looks like fun and such great shots!

  8. A gorgeous group, aren't you! Lovely day out, full of love, colour and fun. xxx

  9. I love this! It looks like you and the family had such a great time. Love these photos as well. Happy New Year dear. Wishing you the best in good health and happiness for 2015! xx/Madison
    Tweed & Leopard Style 

  10. It sounds as a lot of fun!! You and your dear ones surely enjoyed the day even if your swimming style was...not perfect! :-)

  11. last Friday I went with hubby and my little girl to an amusement park, but we were freezing lol. It looks like you had tons of fun!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  12. And a Great FUN day was had with lots of memories to boot. Happy 2015 my Dear.

  13. A fun summery day spent with our special ones, a great start to the New Year and to escape some of your scorching temperatures. I am like you not so great in the water let alone on the rides, I would only dip my toes in the water. Happy New Year.

  14. Happy New Year Elsie. Hope all goes well for you and your family (especially those back home in Sierra Leone) in 2015.

  15. Looks like a great day out! Happy New Year!


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  17. It seems that the new Year started out happily! Maybe make it a family tradition. And you look so sic in your almost swim outfit! In our cold climate your photos warmed my heart. Happy New Year!!!

  18. Looks like you had a fantastic family outing, dearest Elsie!! I'm not a fan of heights or speed either; but each year I manage to talk myself into riding the "kiddie" rollercoaster with my husband when we go to our local theme park...and then I wonder what the HECK I was thinking!! ;)


  19. Seems you had loads of fun. A warm picture for me to look at, while it is cold, foggy and freezing up here in The Netherlands (you might have to look that up haha. It is a tiny country in Europe.)


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