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What To Wear To A Summer Barbecue - Canary and Black

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  Hope your week has started well.  Mine has been very busy, in fact I feel as if I have been on my feet the whole weekend yet I can't pinpoint what I have actually done.  When there is an active inquisitive eight year old in the house who is after you around the house asking questions as you try to do the chores, one becomes tired just answering questions.  

Any hoo, I wore this outfit to a barbecue last weekend.  When I put the outfit together, hubby thought it was too bright.  He said you know you are going to stand out in the crowd right? His next sentence was "this is actually a somewhat stylish high visibility clothing".  Seriously, that man talks before looking at my face because he knows he will get the "evil eye".  We are still married, he is still alive and well and his punishment is to take my photos in any outfit I put together, whether he likes it or not. haha.  

Its your turn to tell me what you think about the outfit darlings in the comments box.  Be honest but be kind okay? haha. I truly appreciate the time and effort taken to visit and read my blog, by leaving a comment I know you were here and I do return visits.  

Have a lovely and blessed week!!! 
Outfit Details:

Top: Jacqui e

Shorts: Target

Sandals: Zara

Short Grey Necklace: Gift from Maree (work colleague)
Long Black Necklace: Lovisa
Grey and Black Necklace: Diva
Watch: Invicta
Earrings: Lovisa
Bracelet: Pandora (Gift from 22)

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one dealing with questionnaires from a child. Honestly I get pissed sometimes, especially early mornings where I want some peace. I can't deal with it!! Anywhos...lol to hubby's comment. I actually like this for a barbecue gathering. - Very pretty and stylish! :)


  2. love this color on you, so bright and sunny <3

  3. Hubby is bonkers! This outfit is adorable and sexy at the same time and so you! I would be afraid of gettting BBQ sauce on it, but that's just me. I'm sure you are less clumsy. xo

  4. Lol @ the evil eye. You're lucky he still takes your pictures, my hubby quit a while ago :(. I love that yellow on you. Have a great February. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  5. The colour is just perfect for a BBQ, so pretty and fresh on you. Sometimes,no most times, husbands have no idea. That said your husband takes very good photos.Have a good week, my dear.

  6. Look perfeito arrasou amei. tenha uma semana abençoada.
    Vídeo Novo: https://www.youtube.com/user/NekitaReis/channel

  7. I think you look marvelous in yellow!
    I say, you should always stand out, you only have one life to live and it's to shine to the end
    Tell that to hubby, hahaha!


  8. Hi Elsie, nice to meet you too!
    I find it lovely to connect with some Australian bloggers now that I wil be here for a while. :)
    How lovely was the cooling rain earlier?! I really enjoyed it and despite the muggy weather I enjoy my stay in Perth very much in general.

    You look so pretty in yellow, this outfit really suits you! And may I say I wouldn't believe you are 40+ at all if you hadn't mentioned it somewhere above! You look like you're my age (I'm 28)! Good genes lady! :)

  9. Well, I personally love bright colours, you and your husband are funny. Great punishment for him, he should be proud. <3 I love the beautiful yellow on you! xx/Madison
    Foodie Style

  10. Hai.. saya dari Indonesia. Senang dengan gaya mu. :) I like your style

  11. I like yellow... You look so pretty in yellow. Nice to meet you...

  12. You look stunning you rock that color.

  13. I love all colors, the brighter the better. You look comfy and chic in this outfit and wear it very well. Kudos to the Hubs for taking the pics.

  14. That's a fabulous outfit for a barbeque and that colour looks amazing on you.

  15. Oh, this is a stunning look! Yellow looks fantastic on you...or you look fantastic in yellow, whatever way, I think this colour is made for you. And what bad is about standing out in a crowd? And honestly, such a beauty like you will always stand out, no matter what you wear.

  16. You wear this cheerful yellow outfit SO well, dearest Elsie!! The black accessories ground the look just enough...and you get two thumbs up from me for those edgy Zara sandals, too!! XOXO


  17. How pretty is that combination on you, Elsie! Every inch perfection. The variety in the not too huge necklaces look so fresh against the yellow. You are a tall girl, aren't you! Impressive always, and I am determined now to get some blocky heeled sandals this spring ... early days here yet, but I want some blue sandals now! Interesting for me to see the proportions on these heels ... back in the day, ours fell mostly between today's low and very high ... wildly comfortable and grounded. A pleasure to see the shape return!

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by. Yes I am quite tall. My height to be exact is 5ft11inches.


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