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Neutral: not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy

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I think to be neutral is a good thing especially when it involves close friends and family.  You being the neutral party can look at the situation objectively and tell both parties the areas in that particular incidence where they have made mistakes and allowing them to look at the situation from another angle and at some point realizing that what they thought was a big issue is nothing at all.

I have noticed that when there is a conflict between friends, each side believes they have done nothing wrong and the other party owes them an apology.  Robert Evans rightly says there are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth.  No one is lying because each member remembers things differently.  If you being the third party choose to side with one friend then you are only making the situation worse.  I know there are instances when no matter how hard you the neutral party try to make both parties see sense, both are so entrenched in what they think is right that no amount of reasoning seem to work.   In such situations, I continue to be neutral and pray for each friend that God will heal their hearts from the pain they are feeling, and remind them of forgiveness. I am not in any way perfect but I do not want to be the friend that says things that will continue fan the flames but the one that quietly hopes that it will all be well.

Today's casual white and blue outfit, I wore to the city.  Who says 40+ should not wear blue lippie? Please jump and pass but I have done it and no one crossed the road when they saw me coming.  It is definitely out of my style comfort zone but thanks to blogging I am surprising myself one lippie color at a time.

Thank you so much for stopping by champion you.  Hey give me a hola in the comments box below and I will come wiggle with you in you blog space.  Is that possible?  I don't know but you get the gist right?  Have a great week. xo

Top: Zara
Jeans: Just Jeans
Sandals: Tony Bianco
Bag: Amiracle
Sunnies: Rayban
Watch: Invicta
Bracelet: Pandora
Earrings: Diva


  1. You hit the nail right on the head Being neutral is always the best way to go. I have always found myself in the middle of a conflict with two loved ones and one party is forcing me to take their side which I truly believe wasn't the right thing to to. Like you said everyone remember things differently or react to situations differently and this can be tricky trying to resolve an issue and praying is sometimes the best option and continue to hold your ground in being the neutral person but this can be hard with our people who expect you to join in the fight just because you are related or friends with them to prove your loyalty which has nothing to do with the conflict of your relationship with them. You rock the blue lippie and you look sweet 16❤️❤️❤️

  2. It's hard to be neutral sometimes when it comes to resolving conflicts, especially when there are family and friends involved. But those third ears can hear things that the other parties are not hearing. I'm glad you made a bold decision and tried something new. You look stunning as usual.

  3. Gorgeous doll, love the added blue lips too :)) xx

  4. Being neutral is good, but hard sometimes. Its always hard dealing with love ones when it comes to things like this. Ha!! You'll end up being the hated one. Lol!
    You look so chic in this outfit. Love it a lot. :)


  5. I love the fit of those pants on you and you can just wiggle on over to the wild side in your blue lippies. Welcome my Sista. . Lol! It's hard to be neutral when you love color as much as I do.

  6. First off I'm loving that blue lippie darling! Hahahahaaaa, nobody crossed the street, omg you're killing me. You look amazing, lippy works so well with the cute sandals. And yes there's always 3 sides to a story and being neutral is the way to go.

  7. You look so adorable in this outfit and wow that blue lippie is such fun! I am madly in love with the shoes.
    I honestly think that just like with a wardrobe, there is a time for being neutral and a time not to be. Sometimes one person has clearly done another person wrong. That is a fairly drastic situation though and less common those little spats and tiffs and misunderstanding which it is best to stay out of. xo


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