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Maxi Dress Over Jeans

Hello, hello, hello!!! Another new week has begun and I am sure we are all looking forward to bigger and better things.  As for me, I am looking forward to the hubs or her royal highness, lady mother in law winning the lottery as I don't play at all.  The one time I played and lost my five dollars, I was sad for five whole days, gosh, that cost me a dollar a day of crying what a waste that was, what a waste that was.   Anyway, by the time they eventually win, my five dollars that I lost would have gained so much interest in my imaginary savings account that their entire winnings will be mine haha. Shush, this is our little secret my darling readers as they are not privy to this arrangement.

Now that you and I know my plans, lets talk about today's outfit which I wore last week.  If you follow me on insta you would have seen it there already but I had to show you the rest of my cool poses in this maxi dress over jeans.   This dress was my very first purchase from Sheinside and I must say it is worth the whole $23.67 American or $33.98 Australian.   It is kind of a wrap dress but be sure to wear something underneath as I have done here with the white jeans otherwise you will be at the mercy of the wind blowing it up and showing your knickers, a Marilyn Monroe moment I am sure we do not need when out and about.  I think a short skirt or leggings would work perfectly as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I am grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to read my blog.  Let me know you stopped by, talk to me in the comments box so I can come over and say hi too.  Enjoy the rest of your week and see you at your blog space.  Stay blessed!!!
Dress: Shein
Jeans: Just Jeans
Shoes: Wittner 
Necklace: Amiracle

Nine thinks I need more push-ups to show my tummy (oh mon Dieu)

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  1. Lovely dress! It looks great worn over the white jeans :-)

    Emma xxx

  2. What a wonderful idea to add the jeans underneath! Looks like it was meant to be! I just purchased the cutest distressed white jeans, but of course they gap in the waist so much be returned .. so sad ;-P


  3. Great dress! I love how you added the jeans and fab shoes. Thanks for linking, xo


  4. I think your tummy is cute! It's just little. The print on this dress is very sophisticated. I'm generally not a fan of dresses over pants but you made it work here. It looks amazing in the wind.

    As for unexpected Marilyn Monroe moments, that was one of the first things I realized I needed to be careful about when I started using a mobility scooter for my disability. I'd get going and so would my skirt, right up over my chest!


  5. Dear Elsie, you look amazing in this dress/ jeans comination. I love it. Sooo stylish!
    Hsve a nice day, xoxo Tina

  6. I like this combination, something I have not tried yet but now I definitely will. Beautiful photographs!

  7. I just love it when women our age show the right amount of skin. I hope that makes sense. Love your dream about someone else winning the lottery. How selfless of you!! I love what you did with the pants and the dress!

  8. Such a pretty dress, love how you have styled it :)

    Thanks for linking up..

  9. Totally stunning!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. I love this look! You look amazing in it, too!

  11. Stunning head to toe, literally! Love your dress, and with these white jeans it works beautifully. Love the tummy peaking :) Your hair and skin - oh just gorgeous! And your humor, of course! :)

  12. Just followed a link to find your blog. Love, love, love your style. Everything about this outfit is fab. Rock on, baby!
    Anna's Island Style

  13. Lovely outfit Elsie, and that printed maxi is gorgeous too. I usually only wear pants under dresses if it's too cold or I don't want to be bothered with tights, lol. You look great! x Happy weekend.
    Flower Design

  14. Elsie you look AMAZING!!! I love that dress and how you styled it with white jeans is ingenious. Your hair - I'm in love. Lol @ the 5$. I dont play either except for when we play as a staff at work. Last time we won 17$ lol lol lol.



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