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White Sporty Chic

Its raining outside and cold inside
Turn the heater on I said to Nine
I'd have loved to go for a walk
But its raining outside.

Now its a bit warm inside
Yet I have the urge to use the hot water bottle
Not that I need to
Because its now warm inside

So I get my laptop to read something
Not really sure what thing
But the urge to play with something
Got me logging on to the laptop

Cold weather and white
They don't go together
But I wore white anyway
Just because I feel like it

Sporty chic I call this outfit
Put together just for you
So your visit here today
Will not be in vain.

Hope you enjoyed reading today's post, I am off now, hey let me know you showed up in the comments box and I will drop by your space too.  See you during the week at your blog space and right here, same time next week.  
 Top: Target
Pants: Piper (from Myer)
Shoes: Florsheim
Necklace: Gift 
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  1. Wow.. Love the poem and especially the sporty look. I missed coming here. Hope you and the family are doing great.

  2. My fav combo of colors - black & white, white and black .. doesn't matter which is dominant, I just think the two are classic <3


  3. I love reading the poem. These indoor pictures are amazing. You look So beautiful in white and black. I love the lippie too.

  4. Wonderful poetry! And such a great classic look, love the sneakers, xo


  5. Wonderful post! I love your shoes and you look fabulous in your white sporty chic! I can't wait to read more!


  6. Beautiful post, and you look fantastic in white. Hope you're doing well lovely. x/Madison
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  7. I love it and I love your crisp white look. Rain and white truly don't go hand in hand but you slayed this girl. Didn't know you wore a poet hat too, awesome my love.



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