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Change + Striped Dress and Knee High Boots

Change we all love it, we do it all the time, with the material things that we own.  Often we make changes or modify where we live, little changes like moving furniture here and there, changing the spot of a wall hanging and for those who believe in feng shui re-arranging everything ever so often so as to keep the good luck in the house or bedroom making sure the mirror doesn't face the door otherwise it will reflect all the good luck out of the house.  Change is good, it is refreshing in bits, a little at a time, gradually it is good. When major change happens though,  when readjustments have to take place, when one has to shift physically or reevaluate ones core beliefs then one starts to wish for what is familiar, the yesterday, the this morning and the now.   Change doesn't have to be scary as many of us know that change walks hand in hand with competition and competition is the one thing that does not always bring out the best in us.  However competition is also what stretches us, grows us and helps us to face our fears head on.   Change is good.  With change we develop, with change, we advance and with change we break free, out of our shells and realize our God given purpose for our existence here on earth.

Now to the outfit which I wore to church my lovelies.  It is officially winter in Australia so the coats are all coming out to play.  I know my American friends will say it looks more like fall and yes it feels like that too in my neck of the woods.  Don't you just wish you lived in Perth? haha.  This dress is not new to this blog, it's an oldie but goodie which I have owned for a few years now.  The bag I bought about three weeks ago at our local salvos for $5 and the boots are from ASOS.  Hope you like how I styled it and do let me know you stopped by in the comments box so I can come visit you too.  
 Coat: Forever New
Dress: Jacqui e
Boots: Asos
Bag: Op Shop for $5


  1. Change change don't we all crave for it. I truly believe change is good and like you said when it's gradual but sometimes when it sudden we feel stressed and defeated. I am currently going through a rearrangement in my house and it's hard work and time consuming but I love seeing everything come to place. Enough of my boring story. Hope you are fell and the outfit looks amazing on you. Salvo is my fav store too..

  2. You look lovely aunty Elise.

  3. Hi, I am Ada. Great style. I love a striped dress and yours is so pretty especially with the OTK Boots. The Rose Quartz Trench is so pretty. =)

    I would love for you to join my linkup and link this pretty outfit. A new linkup is LIVE every Thursday! Thanks and have a great new week ahead!


    Ada. =)

  4. Change can be frightening but it does make us stretch. Great post and what a darling dress! xox


  5. Your dress is so cute! Very nice look!


  6. What a great dress on you---the whole outfit is wonderful really Elsie, and I appreciate the inspiring positive message as well. <3 /Madison
    I'm Back with Delicious Details!

  7. Change can be scary, but it is the beginning of a new adventure, another phase in life. I love that dress so much.

  8. Elsie, I love EVERYTHING about this post! First, you look amazing! What a great ensemble you created - elegant, unique, with a fantastic retro vibe, and yet so "now" - I am in awe! You have some serious styling skills, my dear. Second, love what you wrote about a change. The inner change is often the most difficult, yet it is such an important thing to do, for our own growth... And finally, love your winter! It looks very much like our winter, only with more sun. :)

  9. Change is Good and I like to make changes in my room, closet & blog. I Love the button down back of this dress and you look Beautiful.

  10. There are so many fabulous little details in your outfit! The buttons down the back of your dress, the collar of the dress, the heels of your boots! I absolutely adore this whole outfit! So gorgeous!


  11. Change is always feared but it's not always bad. Fear of the unknown tends to get the better of us. I can't believe its winter there? Really? A whole different world. But you look gorgeous in the striped dress. I love the rear button down, different and cute!. Keep warm beautiful!



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