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Gold Jumper

Last week I had my very first tooth extraction experience and I kid you not, it was horrible.  It took two good hours just to take out one pre-molar.  This is a tooth that I had already spent good dollars on for root canal treatment and crown, only to be told two years down the track that the root cracked during the treatment and if I wanted to still keep it, I could be referred to a specialist.  After checking the specialist cost and being told that they couldn't guarantee that it would solve the problem, I asked my dentist to extract the tooth. Let's just say that was my first and last extraction. I am glad it is over and done with and I can actually recognize myself in the mirror.

Today I am joining lovely Sacramento and other ladies from around the world for the gold share-in-style, so please go over and check out how other bloggers have styled their gold items.  
Outfit details:

Jumper: Forever New
Pants: Cue
Pumps: Airflex
Necklace: Amiracle
Earrings: Unknown 


  1. Love that color blue, and lovin the poses! you go girl!



  2. Looking good mami!! Love the combo very much. :-)
    miss u....


  3. Gold and blue are so gorgeous together - and are so pretty in your outfit, enhanced with the necklace!

    What a painful experience, I feel for you! I had a tooth extraction once (as adult), it also was disappointing because we spent hours (and dollars of course) trying to save the tooth, but I guess, at the end, not all can be saved. I am glad that you feel well now! xxx

  4. Klein blue is perfect and with gold even better! Nice!

  5. My 16 year old son had his wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. Poor baby, he's on a liquid diet.

    I dig the blue slouchy pants. They look excellent on you. And excuse you Ms. Thang with the provocative pose on the bench!

  6. Great color of your pants. You look fantastic.

  7. Pure gold indeed, my dear Elsie.
    Thank you for being part of the Share-in-Style family.

  8. I see you have been taking up modeling. . .you look Great and those pants are such a vibrant color. Enjoy!

  9. Great color combo and your photos are gorgeous.

  10. What a talented model you are! I must watch and learn. You look lovely in this outfit and so different with your hair down.

  11. You look darling!! Love the outfit. And sorry for the tooth, sounds not very nice at all, glad it's over for you. Have a wonderful week doll xoxo

  12. Poor one.. can feel your pain! I have the greatest fear of dentists of all people in this world. Hope it will soon be over and you will forget this bad expirience.
    The trousers are awesome! This color is absolutely gorgeus.. very nice and tasteful chosen outfit.
    Like your poses..looks very good :)

    have a nice week

  13. Aww I hope your feeling better, I have had a few teeth out and it is horrid. Loving your blue trousers, the colour is awesome :)

  14. Dear Elsie, you wear bright colours, like this amazing cobalt blue, with the utmost elegance. Another wow fit this look!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  15. What a great outfit and posing, too! Good you are feeling better after your tooth adventure. Don't we all have a bad story to tell about dentists?? Thank God on the other hand that science can help with the pain. Imagine how it would have been 100 years ago! Not that it heps you much at the moment!!!

  16. Looking great dear. Those trousers are amazing too! :)
    /Madison x

  17. You styled it in a very creative way, well done.

  18. Oh, poor baby! You look recovered here, and I hope you are feeling much better. You certainly look casually elegant ... so wish I could get my soft pants to work for me like yours do for you. I may narrow the ankle on mine. As always I learn something every time I see your gorgeous taste! Really, never doubt what a beauty you are.

  19. The first experience is always memorable. It just too bad that your first extraction experience didn’t go the way you expected it to be. Thankfully it’s all over now, and you finally gain back your lovely smile.

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental


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