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Its My Birthday - Almost

Happy Sunday and happy week everyone.  

The other day I read that someone was angry that she received only 14 likes on an Instagram post. She was so pissed off with her followers that she reposted the photo and made her followers know how much they sucked for giving her 14 likes.  Good Lord what is this sense of entitlement that some of us are developing?  Social media has made this world a funny yet sad place to live in.  What about us who people follow in the morning and unfollow by evening?  Did she stop to think about us? Obviously not.  What about those who never get up to even 11 likes? Have they complained? Not to my knowledge.  What about all her other posts that received more than 200 likes? Oh the drama of it all.

Moving on to more serious announcements, drum roll please, tomorrow is my birthday and I will be celebrating it quietly at work so today the hubs took us to lunch at an Italian restaurant.  So proud of the man. For someone who prefers home food and would do anything in his power to have his home made food, even if he has to cook it himself,  I appreciate this gesture so much it feels like I won the lottery.  Little gestures made at the right time mean a lot to me.  Are you one of those people as well or are you the big diamond kind of girl?

Thank you for stopping by to read the blog.  Wishing you all the best in the coming week and let us all please continue to pray for the people of Paris during this difficult time.  xo
Dress: Target
Shoes: Wittner
Purse: Nine West
Necklace and Earrings: Witchery


  1. Wow. Social media drama. Hope she get over it soon. Happy birthday in advance dear. I pray the good Lord continue to bless your beautiful heart and grant you all your heart desires. That's so nice of him to step out of his comfort zone and try something different that's all we sometimes need our men to do for us (salone man Len cassava leaves). You look beautiful and make up on fleek.

  2. People take social media too seriously, instead of actually living their lives offline.

    Happy Birthday lovely, and wish you all the very best always!

  3. Happy Birthday and you look gorgeous. I agree about the gestures meaning more than jewelry! xo


  4. Yeah, she should have thought about us. Lol
    People unfollow me all the time after I follow them back. I think it's more insulting than not liking my photo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Darling! You look gorgeous with the new hair and makeup.

  5. Some people are so precious and full of their own importance. Looking gorgeous , enjoy your birthday. It surely is the special deeds that mean so much.

  6. happy birthday girl!!!!!
    poor person who´s happiness hangs on some virtual "likes"...
    that etui dress suits you so very well - wonderful elegant!!! what a lovely husband you have - taking you out for dinner despite his love for home cooking!!
    btw. - big diamonds leave me cold - love the little thoughtful things....

  7. So sad about the person who only cares about likes, haha. People always follow and unfollow, oh well! You look beautiful, and I hope your birthday is amazing. Happy Birthday lovely. xx <3 /Madison
    Small Batch Goods

  8. I read your post last night but waited to comment today so I could wish one of the world's finest a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I lifted you up in prayers for a great day and for all your wishes to come true. Have fun today and kudos to the hubs for pampering you.

    I love the outfit and look at you with that amazing makeup. I love love love. Your hair is the bomb too. You look totally amazing darling. That close up shot on instagram is breathtaking!

    And yes, people tend to forget that it's not that serious. So sad.

    Have a fantastic day and save me a very thin slice of cake, Xo.

  9. Looking lovely!

    Isobel x
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  10. The opening of your post is absolutely ridiculous. Really narcissistic. On to more optimistic subjects - Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  11. Happy birthday! Some people are so insecure on social media! Love how your dress hugs your body beautifully.

  12. Happy Birthday!! That's a lovely dress you're wearing.

    I saw your post in the Visible Monday linkup. Here's my Visible Monday post...

    Have a great day!

  13. Well happy birthday. I like how you said that the insane sense of entitlement is "developing", I think its
    been polluting the world for quite some time now. The colour of your hair is stunning, and the whole outfit gorgeous. Happy Birthday, and here's to many more!

  14. Happy Birthday my Dear and you deserve to get every thing you want or need. The hair is too cute and you sure rock the dress. I should have known that we celebrate birthdays in the same month. . . .

  15. You look so amazing my dear...I hope your birthday was fantastic!! Sounds like it was and this outfit is phenomenal, I love it!! I hope all your dreams continue to come true xx

  16. Happy belated birthday! My fellow blogger friend Beate shared your post and so I had to pop by to read it. So agree with you. Absolutely. All this unfollow follow is so boring. And imature I suppose. In total contrast to your dress so elegant, mature, feminine and sexy. Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  17. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Happy birthday. This outfit is quite unusual for you as you are known for lots of bold colors. But you also look great in a solid piece. Great outfit!

  18. Hey babe, it's Sunday. I stopped by to read. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  19. Hey babe, it's Sunday. I stopped by to read. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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