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Greater Love

Another weekend and as usual I am showing my church outfit.  I am smiling in the photos but my heart is heavy.  My heart is heavy for my people, my land, my beloved Sierra Leone.  The things that I have been hearing in the news of the deadly Ebola virus is very discouraging, especially when I heard that it had claimed the life of the doctor who was leading the fight against the disease, and two American missionaries were also fighting for their lives. When I heard it, the first thing that came to my mind was John 15:13 "Greater love had no man than this, that a man would lay down his life for his friends".  As a doctor, Dr, Sheik Umarr Khan was aware of the dangers associated with the disease and that there isn't a cure but he chose to help out and to save lives.

Friends, please join me to say a prayer for Sierra Leone and West Africa. It looks bleak at the moment but miraculous things are still happening around the world and no prayer is too small.

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Jacqui e
Top: Portmans
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: The Shoe Show
Sunnies: Oroton
Earrings: Lovisa


  1. I am not a religious person as such but my heart goes out to those suffering this terrible fate.
    On a lighter note, I love your outfit - am a huge fan of stripes!

  2. Really an amazing look! Love the details on the back of your dress.


  3. love that bag! nice pop of color!



  4. Wishing your country and people, and all who suffer a recovery, and sending them lots of love from all my heart!

    Such a wonderful detail on the back of your dress, lovely neckline and stripes of course! Love the contrasting bag!

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  6. There is so much misfortune in this world of ours, dear Elsie; sometimes it's hard not to be overwhelmed by sadness...or to feel guilty about enjoying the pleasure of "trivial" things like a pretty outfit. But I'm glad you were able to find a small moment of happiness in sharing your "Sunday best!!" The collar of this dress reminds me so much of a classic Jackie Kennedy look; and the contrasting orange clutch adds even more interest to the stripes and back-button detail. But it's those ivory t-strap shoes that are the piece de resistance for me!! XOXO


  7. Hoping that Ebola gets eradicated soon, its a terrible disease and an utter tragedy that those who had gone to help end up dying.
    On a lighter note you look gorgeous, what a lovely dress. xxx

  8. When we saw the news clip we were saddened and frightened for us all. You look fabulous in this dress and the back detail is so good. Enjoy your Life!!

  9. What a gorgeous creature you are, Else! Lovely in stripes ... what a fun look to leave them with as you walk away. You can be SURE they're watching, young lady, with your figure and style!

  10. What a gorgeous creature you are, Else! Lovely in stripes ... what a fun look to leave them with as you walk away. You can be SURE they're watching, young lady, with your figure and style!

  11. This is such a lovely outfit! I really like the yellow purse, it paired perfectly with the navy and white dress.

  12. Else, how stunning are you in stripes. My thoughts are with you and those suffering in your homeland.

  13. This Ebola predicament is really a serious matter - May God help our nation! Amen! On the outfit, you smashed it!! Wow :)


  14. you killed it, cute outfit, looking lovely, good post..http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  15. Your church outfit is lovely and shows off your gorgeous legs! It's heartbreaking to hear the news of the Ebola virus and although I am not a believer, the people of Sierra Leone and those who are suffering due to the virus are in my thoughts constantly.

  16. i read in the newspaper about - and i get in a wrath. millions of $/€ go in developing weapons, useless wellness pharmaceutics and other "stuff" to make more money with consumerism. people in africa die? there is no money in. So why do research about it? why a drug develop that nobody can pay?
    I feel sick.
    sorry for the rant.
    first i came here for your chic looks - and you look very chic in your maritime dress! love the buttons down the back!


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