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Plantains with Prawns, Carrots, Peas and Rice

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  The appreciation for anything whatsoever depends on its availability. Back home in Sierra Leone and even when I lived in Ghana, plantain was every where, easy to get and prepare.  However, this simple relative of the common banana has become a "super" treat since I moved to Australia.  

So you can imagine my joy, when I arrived home from work the other day and learnt that my mother-in-law had bought me some. I felt like carrying the old woman for an hour (the only problem with that decision though is that both of us would have ended in a big slump on the lounge room floor).  

Okay, enough of my happy story, let me show you how I cooked it.  Believe me when I say it was as delicious as it looks. :)

5 medium sized plantains, 1 large carrot (peeled and cut) 500 gms Prawns, 1 large brown onion(sliced) 1 chili (chopped) 1 tsp tomato paste (optional), vegetable oil.
Wash, peel and cut plantain and fry in batches (as shown above and below)

Fry onions and carrots till soft
Add prawns and cook for five minutes

Serve with plantains, jollof rice and garnish with steamed peas as shown in first photo. Enjoy


  1. We've got a huge Caribbean population in our town so I grew up with plantain. I like it for brunch with a fried egg, baked beans and grilled mushrooms. xxx

  2. Yum, yum! I am Jamaican so of course plantain is a staple at my Mom's house for breakfast or lunch and sometimes we put a ripe one in the microwave and drizzle olive oil to eat on the fly. Enjoy!

  3. Yum Yum Yum.... this food looks too good! Hungry now. :)


  4. What a sweet story about your mother-in-law! You are such a sweetheart, Elsie. :) I can relate to what you are saying, of course, being an immigrant myself. Simple things which are staples in my home country, like good Russian "black" bread or salty herring (not marinated as it's common here), things like that are impossible to find in regular supermarkets. They are available in Russian stores, but I rarely go there. I still miss some of the tastes I grew up with, even after 12 years. Not very often though because so much is available, such a great variety of the world cuisine!

    I've never tried plantains, only heard of them. Looks delicious, but then everything does on your blog! xxx

  5. mmmhhhh- delicious!
    i love "exotic" food, when i lived in berlin (22 years) this was not a problem. we had restaurants, snack shops, delis, even supermarkets with food from every corner of the world. for going out in a restaurant we never go to a german one - instead indian, south-east asian, levantine and of cause african. .........soul food :-)
    that is the only thing i miss since living in the woods. even shopping for the "material" is not easy - lately i was in 3 supermarkets (in different villages!) to find cumin. nada. believe it or not - in the end i found it at a farmers marked! tss.
    so from where can i get plantains now.....i´m craving!!!!!!

  6. This looks delicious! I got to sample plantain while visiting my in-laws in Panama. They are better than french fries if you ask me. I don't often see them in the grocery stores where I live now.


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