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White Lace Dress

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  

Happy new week my lovelies.  I am so tired right now but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.  So we were invited to a couples service and the guest couple that spoke were amazing.  They said they have been married for thirty eight years.  Those guys are full of experience and what a blessing to have been able to listen to them share it with others.  It was a question and answer session and o mon Dieu, did people ask questions.  No question was out of bounds and  all I can say is people made use of the opportunity and asked away and questions were answered accordingly.  I am sure some of the answers were not what some wanted to hear but the crux of the matter is that nothing good comes easy so keep on fighting.  Fight for the things and values you believe in and the family members that may not be in a good place.  We all need love and support to find our feet and its all worth it.  

Are you feeling me in this white lace dress? No?  Well, I'm feeling my feeling myself,(thanks Nicki Minaj).   

Enjoy the new week guys.  As for me, my goal this week is to stay positive and focused.  Hope you do the same.  Love yous!!!
Outfit Details:
Dress: Piper
Necklace: Saba
Sandals: Betts
Earrings: Witchery
Watch: Invicta


  1. Hello Elsie,

    What a lovely dress, and I love your photos. You look so beautiful and elegant. :)

  2. I love seminars like that. One can learn a lot.
    I'm feeling you in this lace dress too. You look very gorgeous, odo.
    Have a great week ahead. :)


  3. Haha! I like how you threw OMD in there! I saw this necklace on Instagram, and I immediately fell in love with it. Adorable! You look beautiful!

  4. Nah I don't like you in this white dress. And that's because I LOVE YOU IN THIS DRESS. Pure perfection. The necklace is art and is so pretty. Sounds like a great event. I can only imagine the questions that were asked haha.

  5. That dress is perfect on you and you wear it so very well. I love the dress & the necklace. Enjoy your week my dear.

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  7. Your dress is so pretty. Read your post with interest. My travel buddy and I have been married for 38 years, too. It would have been so interesting to compare notes with that couple!

  8. Your dress is beautiful!! Looks lovely on you. And it sounds like a good couples service you attended.

    I saw you on Visible Monday. Here's my Visible Monday post...

    Have a great day!


  9. Looking stunning in your white lace dress and that pretty necklace. The couples service sounds interesting , as one who has been married as long as your speakers I think we may have a common ground. Hope your week is agood one.

  10. I'm sue the talk was amazing given their experience. It's always great when you love what you're wearing in general. You look lovely in this white dress, it's such a great piece to wear any time in my opinion. xx/Madison
    The Frenchie Foodie

  11. you look good in white. I love the necklace

  12. Beautiful dress and love it paired with the fun necklace!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  13. You glamour girl, you! You look perfect in this perfect outfit. Styled exactly. Love that about you. Your hair is the BEST ... so elegant.

  14. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This white dress looks stunning with the colorful necklace.

  15. I think the dress looks every so nice on you. It is also nice to see your husband. A little bit of background... It was funny to see familiar bloggers like Nicole , Jan and Alice commenting. Never knew you knew them. it is a small world after all....


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