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Silk Dress On A Windy Day

An honest opinion is something that everyone has to give but no one wants to hear.  For instance, how many husbands or partners have learnt the hard way that the "correct" answer to the old question, does my bum look big in this is OF COURSE NOT? 

Honest opinion is the unit that lets one graduate from close relative to distant relation with flying colours.  With all the correctness around these days, one has to think twice to give an honest opinion.

The top/dress in today's outfit is a birthday gift from my fashionable sister that I blogged about last week. I love the feel of the silk on my skin, very comfortable to wear and easy to style and I am happy with the way this outfit came together.

Thanks for making time to come over to read my blog.  Leave a comment, trust me, I love an honest opinion.  :)
Outfit Details:
Dress: Witchery
Pants: Just Jeans
Necklace: Lvisa
Shoes: Wittner
Earrings: Goldmark

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  1. Absolutely love your hat scarf and the necklace!

  2. love it!



  3. The top is so pretty and it is styled great. I can envision how great it will look as well with blue skinny jeans and some booties. Hopefully, you can tell how much I love it. it is always a pleasure to read your posts, Elsie.


  4. in this case i can be honest without offending you :-)
    fabulous outfit!!!!!
    the airy tunic and white jeans create an instant feeling of summer at the sea for me. and the bright blues of turban, necklace AND eyeshadow! add to this. and the orange shoes are the cherry on the top! can we met at the beach bar for a drink with pineapple and lime in it???

  5. What a beautiful top! It looks like it feels great against skin and I love it's movement. You have styled it nicely as always and look so chic. I love the brightly coloured shoes and the scarf on your head! You look fantastic in white jeans too. I don't like them on me as I am so pale it just looks wrong. I will enjoy them on you instead!

  6. You look beautiful in your new tunic! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  7. Ah, you've reminded me about how beautiful silk feels on the skin! And as far as how you look...chic...as always! I love the bright pop of colour from your pumps!

  8. So stunning my dear, love the new tunic, amazing!! Gorgeous gorgeous xx

  9. Elsie, you look great in your silk tunic with the white jeans and great orange shoes. I love your headwrap,
    stunning colour. A lovely spring outfit.

  10. You look so stunning, great styling. Love the heels too.

  11. the silk tunic is cool, unusual, and so unique! :) Looks great on you in my opinion! x/Madison
    Style Traction

  12. Ahh. . the feel of silk on your arms and you look Fabulous. To be honest, not all of us can take a dose of honesty so we should not ask for it.

  13. Honestly, Elsie, how could you be more gorgeous? One of your most stunning looks! I adore everything, head to toe. xxx

  14. Hi! Well, to tell the truth... I am not sure that honest opinions are always the ones I like to hear about myself!! :-)
    You look very nice and the colour of your necklace adds a special touch to your outfit!!

  15. No wonder you love it. It's really extravagantly lovely on you. I didn't just pull that adjective out of my vocab to use just anywhere ... you have a special way of wearing items like this. Fabulous with the orange and blue. I would never have thought to add either or both pieces. Just gorgeous.
    And, no. It doesn't.
    My husband is on notice that that question is the only one he's allowed to fudge on. He learned it long, long ago!

  16. Fabulous outfit! Love the shoes and the dress!

    Sam x

  17. A strong wind can make outfit photos challenging to shoot, dear Elsie...but it also adds a lovely sense of movement and flow!! So pretty, the way your silk tunic-dress is floating and billowing around you!! Your blue necklace and head wrap "pop" against the soft grey; and adding those orange pumps was genius!! XOXO



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