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My Makeup Bag

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  Hope this week will be a fantastic week for all of us.  How about winning the lottery, wouldn't that be nice?  Yes of course it would, the only problem here is that I don't play lotto.  The one time I played a few years back and didn't win I almost fainted. I believe though that if I was meant to win, I will accidentally play on my way out of the shops. (yeah, help me laugh at this ridiculousness).  

So I have been practicing and trying to hone my makeup skills.  In as much as I am far from being perfect, I believe I am getting better.  I learnt recently that even if you buy good products but don't use the right tools to apply your makeup it doesn't end up looking flawless.  I have been using MAC products for a very long time however I was using sponges instead of brushes to apply my make, so I stopped applying my makeup with sponges and bought myself a set of makeup brushes and BAM, Alleluia, what a difference its made.  Another necessary step I only just started doing is apply primer before the foundation.  Still learning but I am bold enough to show you how far I have come.  Let me know what you think in the comments box.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.  A special thanks to Dana of danalovesfashionandmusic for featuring me in her second wabisabi project.  Dana is a very stylish and elegant German 40+ style blogger, please go and visit her blog and show her some love.   

So here are the goods in my makeup bag: 
Clean and Clear morning burst facial scrub, Body Shop vitamin C skin boost and vitamin C moisturizer SPF15,  MAC Pro longwear concealer NW50, MAC studio fix SPF15 NW55, MAC studio fix powder NW50,Chi Chi metalics eye shadow palette, Rimmel max volume flash mascara, Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara, Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner, NYX auto eyebrow pencil( black and brown), Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof kohl eyeliner, Rimmel lipsticks, Alarm and Asia, Revlon lipsticks, Va Va Violet and Fuchsia Shock, Starlet lipstick, Hot Pink, Jordana lipstick, Brown (Which I used for this post) 


  1. You look gorgeous, Elsie - but you always do! I think you did a wonderful job. I'm not very handy with make up stuff myself. I just use a few very basic things, and I do use sponges. Though I have brushes too. I guess I will have to experiment and learn, just like you do!

  2. I think you did a great job with your make up, Elsie! It looks like you have fun doing it too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  3. I think you are doing a fabulous job darling. And yes primer is a must to achieve a flawless finish. Sponges will have you going through products super fast so brushes are definitely better if you ask me. Good job! http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  4. Looking gorgeous hun. I love this lip colour combo on you. What product did you use to achieve it? Jordana brown alone? Or did you mix it with anything else?
    http://iamlam.co.uk x

  5. You look gorgeous always my dear...love the warm lipstick on you, so wonderful!!I hope you have a fantastic and blessed week ahead Xxx

  6. You look lovely, and I'm sure applying makeup takes some skill, too. I'm totally clueless (read: lazy) when it comes to makeup, I just apply a bit of powder and maybe blusher to make me less pale. But my makeup strategy really relies on one thing: never leave the house without lipstick.

  7. Thank you for sharing your tips with us Elsie,you look wonderful.I find as I am getting older I have changed my make up routine and probably use less products than before.Like you I love a bright lipstick and as Tiina says I can never leave the house without my usually red lipstick.Have a lovely week my dear.

  8. You look lovely, I wear these colours too, they are my favourites :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  9. You look flawless, sister. Great beauty products. :))


  10. Looking very good here my dear and I just learned about Primer too. Looking forward to more. . .

  11. Your skin is glowing. You've nailed the makeup look perfectly. I have tried a couple of MAC eyeshadows before but never their face makeup. I agree that primer is a definite must. If you get the chance, try Arbonne primer, it's excellent ( I wrote a review on my blog). It's the best i've ever tried. Makeup brushes too are essential for application.

  12. Good choices with your makeup selection, you look good. It's always so much fun to play in make-up.

  13. I'm not a big makeup wearer. I never got into it and to this very day, I'm considered a minimalist. Lip balm or lipstick, foundation and that's it. Kudos to you, Elsie for delving in. I like what you did with the eye.

  14. Wow.. a lot of stuff in your bag. In winter I wear more make-up, in summer not that much. Right now I have only 2 lipsticks I must always have in my bag. I absolutely LOVE your eye make-up.. looks gorgeous!! Wonderful shine, like it very much! <3
    Thanks a lot for being part of my WABISABI-Project and the mention on your blog. You´re always welcome, will show you from time to time again :)

    have a wonderful week
    Dana :)

  15. You look gorgeous,lovely makeup.

  16. Your makeup looks lovely! It's fun to see a makeup post for a change. Thanks so much for sharing with FUN FASHION FRIDAY! Love that red lippy!
    Have a great weekend & hope to see you next week!
    And hey, if not the lottery, maybe we'll win a blog giveaway! :D
    Dawn Lucy

  17. Lovely make up. Love your lipstick shade!

  18. You look fantastic and look like a makeup pro to me! I always think you have a beautiful face with great bones and expressive eyes, and you have that with or without makeup! xo

  19. Thanks for sharing your make up routine with us. It's a very personal moment and takes courage to share.
    The last few years I almost never go out without lipstick and mascara and this thanks to blogging!.


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