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Not Mutual - The Skirt That Doesn't Like Me

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  Is it just me or do you buy an item of clothing sometimes and no matter how hard you try to style it, it just doesn't work?  Well my friends, I can honestly say this skirt from my favorite store Jacqui e just doesn't like me.  I have decided to put it in the same category as a bad boyfriend.  It doesn't matter the amount of love and affection you shower on them they do not appreciate it one bit.  I have worn this skirt with different tops, tried different accessories but it's not even trying to meet me half way. (HA).  As for the poses, I have to learn new ones because I have wasted all my signature ones on this skirt. lol.  

Tell me if you've got such an item of clothing and whether its time to say goodbye to this one or if you think its worth keeping in the comments box.  

Thanks for reading and have a pleasant week.
The walk slowly towards me while adjusting your top
Outfit Details
Skirt: Jacqui e
Tops: Jacqui e
Fuchsia Sandals: Florsheim 
Black Shoes: Marie Claire
White and Black Shoes: Basque
Bag: Amiracle
Collar necklace and green earrings: Amiracle
Beads: Bought in Ghana
Pink Earrings: Lovisa
Gold Earrings: Parklane
Sunnies: Oroton
The check your hair before I take a back shot
The look into the sun and try not to frown
The look at your shoes
The casual bridge walk
The climb up the retaining wall and look in the distance 
How embarrassing is this pose? Seriously?

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  1. That is too funny my dear Elsie. I have outfits like that and I just hang them back up in hopes that some day i'll find what works best with it. Its frustrating tho, but you look fab! http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  2. I prefer the second and third outfits, which show the waistline, makes the skirt look sleek, a bit 70's style. But as you said, some clothes just don't want to cooperate, no matter how hard you try. Only goes to show that you have to see in in action, and love how it makes you feel... if you're not comfortable wearing something, then that's it, move on.

  3. Don't you hate it when something you were sure would work just doesn't but you have really tried. The skirt appears to have box pleats that simply don't behave as they should. I am in love with those shoes but know I couldn't walk in them. Such a fun post,Elsie,always good to laugh at ourselves.

  4. Hahaha....nawa for this skirt ooo! I do have items like that. I just play dress up in my room till I find something that goes well with it and then wear it eventually. The skirt is a nice skirt though and from the looks of these images, you did justice to it. Great double prints pairing. Love the sandals in the first outfit - awesome! :))
    Have a great week, Odo. xoxo


  5. Hello lovely!! I love the one with the white top and the yellow top :)) I have pieces like this as well, no matter what I do, I'm not quite sure it works, haha. But, I think it does for you:))) Have a gorgeous week Xxx

  6. Hi Elsie, with skirts that have an interesting waistline, it is best to keep the top simple and preferably smooth. Try wearing a simple, white fitted tshirt or tank. And I emphasize fitted. That way your top is competing with the waistline. Keep the other pieces simple. The skirt is actually quite nice. I think you're trying to add too much to it.

    1. I will give your suggestion a go and what a relief it will be if it works. Thanks so much!!!

  7. You have such beautiful style, so simple and wearable, and yet so stylish and outstanding <3
    Oh, and I'm so jelous of this pictures, you must have really warm weather there.

  8. Oh I know what you mean: my gray boyfriend jacket gave me the same problems. I spent money buying things to compliment it, tried half my wardrobe. Took me 11 outfits before one blogger friend styled it perfectly for me and before I found one outfit with the jacket myself. So in the end I made it, but gosh that was difficult. I thought the skirt looked rather nice in "The climb up the retaining wall and look in the distance". Loved your descriptions. I have a favourite one too: push up your hair with both hands.

  9. I can relate to this, I have lots of things like this :) I always go back to them when I see someone else style it.. I love your shirt, it look so lovely on..

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  10. Elsie, I like it with the white and yellow top the best. And I think Glenda has a very good idea - try it. If it doesn't work for you still, then of course it's time to go separate ways - with things or people... And yes, I like you give things (or people) a million of "second chances". Sometimes, too many. You look beautiful and so different at every photo here, like a few different women! xxx

  11. Good morning! You look beautiful with the blue, the white and the yellow too.I like very much your fuchsia sandals and you have a pretty legs. Regards.

  12. I love that skirt !! I think it does great matching with the white blouse, with cuffs rolled up, so casual ... Thank you for being part of our family Share in Style.

  13. That's such a bummer because the skirt is beautiful. I wonder if it's worth bringing to a tailor and see if s/he can address your concerns and make it a perfect fit?


  14. such nice looks, love the pink and blue combo

  15. I love it with the yellow vest, it works wonderfully when its tucked in so we can appreciate the clever cut. But, if it ain't doing it for you then let it go, life's too short to fill your wardrobe with clothes that don't make you happy! x

  16. the proportions of that skirt are wrong for you! the whole thing is too boxy - maybe it does nobody a favor. at least nobody with such beautiful curves like you :-)
    around 2000 a lot of skirts were cut like this - i bought them and then tried to make them fit - even sewed - but nothing worked. gave up and made my own skirt block/basic pattern.....
    mabe it makes a great pillow cover ;-)

  17. I love the yellow top with the skirt on you, should just keep it. When I have something in my closet that I dislike, I give it to my Cousin and she always make it work. It's is just a feeling we as humans get when we make up our minds not to like something/someone and it fades. I also like the pose on the retaining wall. . . maybe because you are above it all. Enjoy!

  18. I actually love it with the yellow top. Beautiful!

  19. Yes, I had a dress like this once, I loved the colours and kept trying to make it work, but if I can't sew it or tailor it then I just toss it in the donation box. Sometimes, all we can say is at least we gave it a go. You look beautiful as always, and love those pink shoes and yellow top. Happy weekend.
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  20. I love that skirt! you look great!



  21. That skirt is not your friend. Banish it!
    I have one that I also gave many many chances. I'll be taking it to a fashion swap this summer. Trading it for something better!

  22. Hmmm. I believe you, but I don't see it's animosity. I really like it on you, and I think all the tops work with you and the skirt ... I like it best with the white T. Have you tried it with a crisp, white shirt? (My answer to everything, courtesy of Carolina Herrera.) The only thing I can think of is that the belt seems a bit narrow against the width of the top band.
    Yes ... I have a beautiful Asian print blouse that just swallows me whole and looks dowdy on me, but cool on everyone I've seen wear it. I recently fished it out of the "toss" pile ... TWICE. I give up .. it stays.


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