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Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  Hope you are all doing fantastic this week. 

My, my, my, winter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. People who are well traveled say winter in Perth is summer in some other parts of the world.  Really?   Last night and this morning were so cold, getting out of bed was a bit of a chore. You should have seen me crawling out from under the blanket and quilt cover, dressed in my thick jammies and mismatched socks, yellow on the left foot and purple on the right.  All I wanted at that moment was to make myself a cup of tea, top up the hot water bottle and position myself comfortably before the TV.  But that wasn't happening this morning because I had promised myself I was going to attend service today no matter what.  

Being in a dull mood like that, I had to wear something exhilarating, something that would enliven the mood.  I wasn't having any of that black and grey winter outfit business.  I don't have any issues with black and grey outfits but I just wasn't having any of that today.  So out came the little red dress (LRD), which I styled in this post, followed by burgundy tights which I wore here , white booties styled here and here and white bag as seen here.  

It didn't change the weather, but I was happy and couldn't wait to attend today's service.  I am so glad I chose to attend because the kids took over the service today and it was so much fun.  When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, most of them wanted to be batman lol, a little girl said she wanted to be a doctor because that's what her mummy wanted. A cute little boy said he wanted to be a bus driver so he could take all his friends to the new jungle gym.  

Thank you so much for stopping by, leave a comment below and I will come visit you.  Have a lovely week.  
Outtfit Details:
Dress: Forever New
Leggings: Jeanswest
Shoes: Wittner
Jacket: Witchery
Bag: Amiracle
Watch: Invicta
Earrings: Pandora

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  1. Great look and what happy stories from the kids. Greetings!

  2. How nice to see your lovely photos, Elsie! You look absolutely stunning! Wonderful post! :)

  3. Elsie darling, I want this LRD! Its super cute. If it didn't brighten the day then nothing could. I'm also loving the shoes really hard. Aren't kids so amazing. Their innocence is unmatched. LOL @ the mismatched socks, send me the purple one and I'll find a match for it, :)))). Mornings are starting to feel quite chilly in SF as well. Fall is gearing up to roll in for sure. Stay warm girl.

  4. You look adorable in this little red dress and happiness showing. Enjoy it all my dear.

  5. WOW! Elsie, this is not an outfit - this is a statement! Very bold, I just adore it - bravissimo! Amazing how clothes can exhilarate our mood, I think yours just exhilarated mine. :) xxx

  6. blessings....
    love the red dress.
    we are still in summer here (Canada)

    have a wonder filled week.

  7. Gorgeous in your little red dress , I am sure you brighten every ones day.

  8. Lovely outfit, I have a red dress just like yours :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  9. That's a nice dress and I love your jacket!
    Fashion Panache

  10. Hey darling! Can't wait to see the look you serve tomorrow, :)).

  11. Wow the red looks fantastic on you Elsie! Love the tights and dress together, definitely brighten up the cold days! Luckily the weather has changed and it's warmer again now, right? :)



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