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Dashiki Dress

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by each week to read my blog and leave me beautiful comments.  Muaaaah to you all my readers and followers, you guys are awesome, you rock, you are fabulous and I want you all to know that I do not take your friendships for granted. 

Those of you who are senior fashionistas (I dare not claim to be in this category at all) know that the rave now is all about the 70s look .  Bring on the granny chic, crepe pants and fringe (hello?), platforms, oh lala,  and all the other thingymabobs that will make you look all ready to shake and boogie like no one is looking.  

Do you know that the Dashiki became popular in the late 60s and early 70s? I didn't either until I checked with good old tech owl, google and wikipedia the village gossip, who knows everything about everyone and everything.  Oya, so as I wanted to do a 70s look a la Africana, what better dress to bring along than this one?  From what I can remember, back in the 70s in Sierra Leone  we wore these sorts of dresses with slippers.   All the pieces in this outfit were custom made in Ghana.  

Have a blessed week guys and I hope you get to achieve all the goals that you've set for this week. Till next time, love and kisses.  

The things I do for this blog


  1. I love, love this outfit on you and that splash of orange is right up my alley. You look marvelous my dear.

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  3. A wonderful design and look for the sunny outdoors.

  4. Hahahahahaaa, the things you do for this blog including laying on the grass right? I feel you girl. You look fab as always. Loving the dress hard. I didn't know dashikis have been around for that long but I do know that I have a dress with a dashiki print on it. I must look for it cos I really like it a lot. Have a great week darling.

  5. That picture on the grass is a masterpiece. Thanks to you too for gracing us with your beauty and smile.

  6. Love right back at you beautiful. Wow I didn't know what dashiki is until today. Lovely print and I love love love. I feel you sister the things we do for our blog. Have a blessed weekend too.

  7. Very beautiful. I love this it so casual and chic. Beautiful pics as well


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