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Kente and Lace

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  

When I went to Ghana two years ago, I had a few items custom made for me because I wasn't sure when I would go back.  Yes, I haven't been anywhere since, yes, I am scared of planes and yes I am still going through the few items hahaha.  Since my return, I have filled out a bit (oh okay, I have put on some weight and some of the tops now just iron out my boobs nicely when zipped. (no one wants flat boobs right?).  

This beautiful Kente skirt has been in my wardrobe feeling sorry for itself for the past two years, then about a month ago I saw this lace top, liked it, bought it,  brought it home and voila, a new friendship was born between Kente and Lace.  Tealy and Quoisey, perfect match.  I am in no hurry to fit into the original top but when I do, it will debut on the blog.

Stay blessed my lovelies, take care of yourself during the week and see you at your blog space. Before you leave let me know you stopped by in the comments box so I can return your visit.  xo.
Top: Piper
Skirt and Headscarf: Custom made
Shoes: Wittner


  1. Very pretty combo! The graphic patterns play nicely together.

  2. Umm, the new friendship so works! I love the dainty lace top and that slit on the skirt is amazing. Beautiful makeup and nails girl! You wear blue so well. Guess what? Oh, you may already know from that versatile blogger post way back when but I'm also petrified of flying. If I can drive there, I'd rather do that regardless of how long it takes me. Smdh.

  3. Legs for days....You look Adorable in this combo and I love it.

  4. So so pretty! Love that nail color as well!


  5. I love the whole look. Blue looks good on you, Elsie!!

  6. Beautiful color and I love the whole outfit. And your nails too!


  7. One word - Stunning!


  8. Really stunning outfit. I, too, do not like to fly but I love visiting foreign countries so I buckle up and go. I find that if I sit by a window and look at the scenery below and the clouds in the sky, it helps me stay calm.

  9. Great shade of blue -- The colours work so seamlessly together too. You look beautiful dear. Glad that you brought out the skirt again. <3/Madison
    Style Files

  10. I love the colours together :) lovely combo.

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  11. lovely skrit and blouse, love the cut and colour xoxo


  12. Glad you found that pretty top , it would be such a shame to leave that skirt in the wardrobe. Love how your blues reflect those clear bright skies.

  13. elsie! i can´t say how much i love the pairing of the lace and the kente skirt!! it makes for a new dimension! fabulous!!
    and matching the summer sky is one of the best :-)

  14. Looking very feminine in this outfit. Very good of you to find another top so you wear the skirt and the headscarf.

  15. You have grown in beauty and kindness in front of my eyes. I am so proud to call you my friend


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