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Oh Mother + Coral and Fuchsia

Hello and welcome to TCW and happy summer to my Aussie peeps :).

So I had to jump on the band wagon and write about this one because its too funny not to share.  Last week, Australia was abuzz with racing fever, the Melbourne cup, the race that stops the nation was won by a female jockey for the first time ever, oh yeah, oh yeah, girl power.  Ahem, that's not the funny part of the story, two days later, oaks day they call it, where everyone is supposed to be well dressed and well behaved, a 52 year old woman ran across the field in broad daylight in her underwear which was well accessorized with her pearl necklace.  What a legend!!! 

I hear that one of her children, I think her oldest son who is currently on holidays overseas has called her to inform her that he will be seeking asylum in Thailand because the embarrassment is too much for him hahahahahahahahaha.  Oh mother, oh mother, he must have cried with his head in his hands. To be honest I really think this woman is living her life to the fullest and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and oh she wrote on Facebook that she will do it all over again, double legend!! Who knows what I might do at 52?  Hopefully the boys will not disown me forever hahaha.

This dress is another gift from a friend.  Cool friends I tell you, they spoil me rotten.  Paired with my fuchsia sandals and banging earrings, kaboom, happiness outfit on point, even if I say so myself.  

My prayer for all is that this week will bring you good tidings my lovelies.  Take care and see you at you little corner in bloggie jungle.  xo


  1. Love the orange! Looks great on you :) :) btw I love reading your blog! Maybe you might enjoy mine as it's a fashion blog as well :)


  2. It looks great and suits you well.

  3. Very cute!! That color looks amazing on you!! ... PS I love the story. That's what I love about reading blogs from around the world. I hear such fun, interesting things that I otherwise probably wouldn't.


  4. Coral and fuschia what a combo. Aussies really know how to hip things up a lot but I was glad a female jockey won the race for the first time and hell yeah to girl power. What a funny story though am sure if you try this at 52 you will be sent back home in one of the remote villages for early retirement haha.
    You always look so bright and vibrant as Usual and I pray that God will guard your path and light up your way.

  5. Your makeup is on point, the dress is perfect and your smile is contagious. I love it all....

  6. Love your dress, such a lovely style :)
    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, pinned :)

  7. This is such a funny story!! I want to be that carefree when I turn 52.
    I love this pleated maxi dress. I see you doing some leg work here!!

  8. Babe you rock and you rock hard! I'm in love with this orange number. The style, the pleats, the length, the color, everything. You have the best friends darling, may I please borrow some of them hahaaa.

    Double legend for real. This better not get stuck in my head or I may try it when I hit that age. Omg I'm dying laughing. Have a great day darling.

  9. What can i say, you look sweet 16 here, Perfect styling and orange colour suit you.

  10. Yes this outfit is on point. Love the colours pleats and you wore it well. So beautiful. That lady was having a time of her life. Why is her son mad at her..hahah

  11. Look e imagens maravilhosa linda e super estilosa
    Novo Vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06avCiMDYGA


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