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Appreciation and Resolutions.

On this day last year I chose to thank all the beautiful people who made a difference in my blogging life and made the experience very rewarding for me.  Since then, heaps more fabulous, fantastic and incredibly beautiful souls have happily joined me on this bloggie journey, and have made it more exciting by visiting and reading my posts every week.

In almost two years of blogging this shy woman is slowly but surely coming out of her shell (I think I have actually grown out of the other shell and ready to look for a larger one just like the hermit crab). Your kind comments on each and every post, whether well written or not, whether the outfit is on point or off point, whether the recipes are not your cup of tea, has made me realize that doubting one's self is the hardest bridge to cross but if you are willing to take a step or should I say a leap of faith? someone is always there to hold your hand, walk with you and cheer you on.   My bloggie friends and family, I love you guys and I pray that 2016 will be filled with gigantic surprises for you all and your hard work will reap rewards.

Does anyone else still do resolutions?  No? Yes?  I do, even though I never get to fulfill most of them, I find that if I write them down, I make a conscious effort to at least do half of them.  In 2016 I want to build on my relationships with the people in my circle, reconnect, show genuine interest in what is going on with them, pray for them.  In a nutshell, all I would love to fulfill in 2016 is to be a blessing and sow into someone's life without expecting anything in return.  That doesn't sound hard right?  If by so doing I lose a few kilos that would be an unexpected bonus.  

Today's snippet from the sermon is "About time we realize there is no abrakadabra prayer that fixes everything, work hard to reap the benefits"

Today's outfit I wore on Christmas eve to a friend's anniversary red and white party.

Thank you for your continued support of The Cooking Wardrobe, have a lovely week and wishing you a Happy New Year!!!  See you in 2016 in good health.  xoxo
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Wittner
Earrings: Saba
Purse: Colette


  1. Merry Christmas Elsie. Well I should start by saying I appreciate you even more for your continuous and effortless motivation to provide interesting content and recipes every Sunday. I know higher and greater things are ahead of you. You have motivated me in ways you don't even realize and I thank you for that. Haha I stopped making resolutions long time ago I just pray for God to help me achieve my goals in the coming year like you said prayers alone to make things happen, hard work should be added to the mixture. You look amazing.

  2. Owwww Elsie, reading this made me smile and made me tear up. I love you too and I'm so glad to have you in my cirlce. May we keep holding each others hands always. I'm making zero resolutions this time cos I never keep them just like most people. Writing them down sounds like a great plan. Next time I make resolutions, I'll try that. Yours sound really great and I wish you the best of luck keeping them. You look lovely. I love the bare shoulders, the color and the floral print of this dress. Great choice of shoes too. I trust you had a great and very merry Christmas.

  3. So happy to meet you in blogland and looking forward to more posts in the coming years. Love this dress and a big Thank You to your blog luv. Enjoy your Life my Sista.

  4. I love what you say about getting support from the blogging community.This outfit is so on point!! Happy new year 2016, love!!

  5. I love the unexpected skin/bare shoulders. Wishing you the best in 2016, what a lovely msg in this blog post.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I wish you a happy new year

  7. I don't do resolutions, but I'm thankful too for all the wonderful people I met this year! Buone Feste! Happy Holidays! Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  8. Happy New Year! Wishing you an a beautiful 2016!



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