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Product Talk: Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Juice

What you need to know
As we grow older and wiser, we are more conscious of what we eat and drink, so as to remain fit and healthy while still enjoying the good things in life.  We've all heard of the benefits of consuming foods with low sugar except if you've been living under a rock, then you read it here first haha. 

Allow me my friends to introduce to you Ocean Spray's new low sugar cranberry juice which was sent to me by Nuffnang for review.  Ocean Spray is a cooperative that has been around since 1930 and is owned by farmers from the United States, Canada and Chile.  Doing their business this way has helped to preserve the family way of farming for generations.  This 2016 Ocean Spray has literally got our backs, that is why they have decided to collaborate with Nuffnang bloggers and to challenge everyone to a week of healthier living by swapping your fizzy drinks with their low sugar cranberry juice. 

What I received
I was sent three 1.5 litres bottles of cranberry juice all packed in a beautiful red cooler bag.  According to the label on the bottle, it is made with stevia, a natural sweetner and it also contains fructose and erythritol.  It is a low joule juice with only ten calories per serving. 

My opinion
I poured myself a glass of juice (on the rocks of course) took a sip and I went hmmmm, delicious. Not too sweet and just enough cranberry to take your happiness level a notch higher as it is low in calories.  This is the kind of drink that you need to stock up on because its seriously love at first sip. The only down side for me is the after taste of the stevia which left a slight bitter taste in my mouth after my first glass. The second time I tried it, I was more prepared so I didn't mind it.  Its a very refreshing drink and I think you would love it too.  So if you are looking for a low sugar drink during this hot summer months, Ocean Spray's Low Sugar Cranberry juice might just be the answer.  Cheers!!!


  1. I usually don't drink much bottled juices because it does have a lot of sugar in it, too much for me. But, this is great, I'm glad that you tried the low-sugar version of this. Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this, as we use Stevia too sometimes. x
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  2. I love the bag, since I can't taste the juice. LOL! Thanks for the honest review. We love it on the rocks, don't we?

  3. Mmmmmmm would love to give it a try as I love cranberry juice. Great review


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