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Keep Calm, Its Easter + Custom Made Ankara Outfit

Hello, how are you? - in my Adele voice haha.  Talking about Adele, we were at a friends house yesterday when I started singing along to her music hello and one of our friends turned and asked the hubs if that's how well I sang for him at home and I could not believe his answer.   He cleared his throat and said, well, I am as surprised as you because I am only hearing her now.  Whaaaaaaaaat? You mean all these years that I have been belting it in the shower the man hasn't been listening?  If I want to make it personal, does this mean that I have been nagging him so much that he has programmed himself to only hear things I say in binary?  Oh my gosh, the more I think about it the more the what ifs and is its get worse so I am not going to dwell on it, I am going to be calm, after all, its Easter.

Yes, I know its Easter but what about on Saturday while we were out walking and I asked him to take a photo of me and he points the camera at me and said suck in your tummy.  Whaaaaaaaat, I asked, is that how you should say it?   He then said, oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, take a deep breath and hold it.  So I am standing there holding my breath for what felt like forever and he is having the time of his life laughing his head off and just when I let the air out and let  my innards go back to there rightful place I heard the click of the camera.  Its okay, I am still calm, after all, its  Easter.

Why should I be calm because it's Easter?  For us Christians, this is the foundation we stand on, the reason we believe in the first place, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his message of forgiveness and love.  Going back to the hubs, I have forgiven him and for his punishment, he has been sentenced to forever taking my photos for this blog.  Well, as a matter of fact he was already serving that time, even before the offence.   ALL RISE!!!!   

Once again, I thank you immensely for stopping by and reading.  Hope you like my custom made outfit that I wore to church.  Enjoy the rest of your week and see you at your blog space.  xo
 Top and Skirt: Custom Made
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: The Shoe Show

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  1. Happy Easter.

    That's a very nice outfit. (Your stomach looks okay.)

  2. Happy Easter to You !! I absolutely adore the print on your suit :-)


  3. Happy Easter Sis. I love this look on you and that pop of orange is right up my alley.

  4. This Adele song is my favorite. And how dare he not listening to that angelic voice! LOL ! He is risen ! We should all celebrate . You look beautiful and happy. I love the makeup .

  5. Beautiful outfit! Happy Easter and stay fabulous, xox


  6. I hope you had a wonderful Easter lovely. You look amazing xx


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