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Basa Fillets Stuffed with Kalalu (Green) and Prawns Serve with Warm Bulgur Salad

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  How many times have you gone through your pantry and thought to yourself, I don't know what to cook, especially when you want to use ingredients from back home? We've all been there.  Today's recipe is one I created in my very own kitchen using kalalu from our garden.  Give a Sierra Leonean any ingredient and we will successfully put together a hearty delicious stew.   These days I have been trying to use some of the ingredients from Sierra Leone to create beautiful dishes which the boys are happy to eat.   These stuffed basa fillets recipe will take you the most beautiful food heaven you can imagine, trust me. 

Ingredients: 7 medium sized basa fillets(about 1.2kgs), 150gms of kalalu, 1 large brown onion, 1 habanero chili, 1 egg, 1 bread roll (forgot to include this in the photo), 80gms raw peeled prawns, salt, 2 cups bulgur wheat and white pepper 
Thoroughly wash the kalalu and shred
 Then soak with boiling water for five minutes
 Strain through a sieve and set aside
 Now chop the onions, half goes into the stuffing and other half I used for the salad
To make the stuffing, add the peeled prawns into the food processor
 Then chopped onions, habanero chili and 1/4 tsp of salt and blend into a paste
 Now empty the prawn paste into a large bowl
Then soak the bread roll with water and squeeze out the excess water
 Squeeze all the water out of the kalalu as well and add to the prawn mixture with the bread and egg
 Mix well to combine
 Spoon the stuffing unto the fish, roll and secure with toothpicks
 Arrange the stuffed fish in a baking dish and bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at  180C
 It will look like this after twenty minutes
 Now to do the bulgur salad, cook the bulgur in the rice cooker till its soft. then sautee the onions and capsicum in olive oil over medium heat.
 Then add the bulgur and white pepper and salt to taste then turn off the heat.
 Now add chopped tomatoes and cucumbers
 Serve and enjoy.

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  1. Cooking for you is so passionate. Just yummy and yummy. Enjoy your week

  2. I love the cooking segment on the blog, Elsie! You know Okra is what we call Kalalu in Haiti?? Funny, right? This looks so good, and I love fish fillet. I love your hair and makeup too.

  3. Elsie you are too much!!! Had you been single I'd have had my brother come knocking just so I can taste some of these delish hook ups from your kitchen. You know I love food right? Especially sea food. Just looking at this is heaven darling. Your mani, makeup are so on point too. You rock babe!!!


  4. wow that looks so delicious
    I love this recipe and love how you have detailed it from step to step


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