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Khaki Green Mini Dress

Alert, Alert, before you scroll down to look at the photos, be warned that the extra fabric that was supposed to lengthen the dress has been used as sleeves.  Who am I kidding, any excuse to show some leeegs before the winter weather kicks in is good enough for me wink, wink.

Well hello, how are we doing? Hope all is good in your corner.  I am well and kicking and I thank God for his sparing mercies.  A few years ago I would never have worn this dress as it is because back home older women are expected to cover up nicely but thanks to blogging and shape wear, your grown up woman can wear whatever. Well, different cultures, different expectations.  For example, I learnt just last week that people are allowed to share nude photos on twitter as long as you include #empowered.  So there you have it, I am #empowered and #skirtless and #happywithmyself.

Have a lovely week friends and thanks for stopping by.  Hey, don't go without letting me know you were here in the comments box so I can return your visit.

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay bless!! xo
 Deets: Dress: Missguided Shoes: Wittner


  1. Aunty Elise I like your dress

  2. Chaii, you look so hot ooo, odo!! Haha...#empowered indeed!! Love it and you rock. :)


  3. All that glow, amounts to a great deal. Nice outfit!

  4. Ooh..la.la legs for days and you look young, sexy & chic my Sista. I love this dress on you & the smiles prove you are having fun in it. Kudos!!

  5. What an amazing way to update a dress! I love the sleeves! Very unique!

    And I am soooo not sharing any nude photo's on twitter no matter what the hash tag says ... lol


  6. Legs forever! You look fantastic, and thanks for linking up, xo


  7. Spectacular use of that extra fabric! I love those sleeves to pieces. Excellent job - and go you empowered gal you!! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous outfit with us.

    Fur Earwig

  8. And you've been covering those legs up for whattt??? I'm with you girl, any excuse. Age is just a number anyhow lol. #empowered - noted! I'll be sure to say Elsie told us that. I didn't know either. You look phenomenal. The head wrap most def adds interest to this already fun look. Keep styling babe, kisses.


  9. #YouEmpoweredMe!

    I love how the seamstress used the extra fabrics for the sleeves instead of making the dress longer. You crack me up every time I come here. I love the shoes too. You look so beautiful and happy.

  10. Beautiful just beautiful and I love how you defined the culture you are in now.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

  11. AMEN TO THOSE LEGS!! They are great why not show them off!!

    And I LOVE this dress, beautiful cut, sleeves and color!

    Thanks for joining the linkup last week, feel free to use the #reasonstodress on twitter for a RT of any of your posts!


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