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Casual Chic: Striped Jersey Dress and Converse

Happy new month to one and all and welcome to TCW!  Today's whinging from TCW is 


I haven't even mastered Insta, never You tubed and now everyone is on Snapchat.   Don't you just love it when your phone rings at 2am only to realise that someone accidentally called you while viewing your profile photo on Whatsapp, IMO or Viber? Too many apps to keep up with, and the games, chai, am I the only one not playing candy crush anymore? I don't have enough time to shop anymore and someone is playing candy crush, HA, e morna, it is overwhelming really trying to keep up with technology.   

The other day my nephew said to me "Mama you are now always watching your phone like a teenager"(insert surprised emoji), what a wake up call.  These days I leave it in my bag when I get home from work otherwise I will be on it till my neck hurts.  I feel for our kids and generations yet unborn. Can you imagine the kind of stress they would be in?   Not everyone is cut out or wired to handle this go, go, go, rush, rush, rush, selfie, selfie, selfie, snap, snap, snap but then again no one is twisting my hand behind my back to join the craze, its a personal choice and I have resolved to slowly water down my interaction on social media.

Today, instead of being couch potatoes we went for a walk at Araluen Botanic Gardens.  This garden is only twenty minutes drive from my house, up the hills of Perth and I can't believe today is the first time we've visited it. We went late in the afternoon while most people were leaving so we had the park almost all to ourselves.  It was a beautiful walk, very peaceful.  Its a bit cold now in Perth so I wore this striped jersey dress and white converse and held my blanket wrap for extra warmth.  Let me know what you think in the comments box.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely week guys and see you at your blog space.  
 Dress: Portmans
Blanket Wrap: Suzanne Grae
Sneaker: Converse


  1. Your outfit is fabulous - you can really rock those stripes! I also love the botanical garden background .. seems like a peaceful break from all that technology :-)


  2. gorgeous! you look really beautiful in that strapy dress!

  3. E no easy with these apps ooo, my sister. I can't keep up seff! Lol!!
    I absolutely love this dress. You know I'm a sucker for stripes. Beautiful!


  4. Very sexy striped number on you my dear. You should wear this again & again. Enjoy.

  5. I love this dress on you. I don't have snap chat. I never understood why candy crush was so popular. I never played it. Your nephew is right, though. I feel like a teenager to with that phone. I'm glad you were able to leave the house and go have some fun.

  6. This striped dress looks fantastic on you. You look absolutely perfect!!!! I sense a lot of good vibrations here, it must be that you enjoyed your walk. Great post! Plus, this location is wonderful!

    Sometimes it is so nice to get away from everything. I always turn off my cell when I go to sleep and sometimes I turn off my wifi on my cell even when I am home because I can't handle everyone calling me on whatsapp and viber all the time ( I mean just because it is free, doesn't mean we should spend all our time talking that way).

    You're sooooo right about social networks being a potential source of stress. It is hard to keep up with everything! Just because everyone else is using this or that doesn't mean and it shouldn't mean we have to! Lately, I've been really careful how I use social networks. My blog is important to me and I decided to make it my primary online presence ( to put it that way), so I tend to dedicate a lot less time to other networks ( I don't have snap chat or facebook and I don't spend a lot of time on insta).

    I worry about the younger generations as well. I'm very worried about children because child predators often make use of techology. I don't have kids but if I had them I'm not sure would I allow them to use intenet without constant supervision. We live in a dangerous world and sometimes I really feel worried about the future generations.


  7. Elsie this dress looks fab on you and I loved tons your burgundy total look too! You should definitely add your gorgeous outfits to my fashion linky! Much love dear, I'm so happy we're in touch on Instagram too :-) Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST and LINK UP

  8. My darling Elsie, you hit the nail on the head. Social media is running our lives, period! Too many platforms to keep up with.

    And as a blogger you really want to be on all of them to promote your blog. But girl, it's an uphill task. I decided a while ago that I wasn't even going to try anymore. So I have snapchat but I dont post any snaps, I'm on twitter only once a week, oops I forgot to tweet my last weeks post, :(. Lookbook, I don't post anymore, fashionclimaxx I don't post anymore, Bloglovin I don't even remember my password etc etc.

    I just facebook and instagram and it's hard to keep up with even just those two as well. It's a crazy world for real and yes I too am always staring at my phone. Even when I'm teaching, it beeps, i get the urge to take a peek. Craziness!

    But that park is everything and so is your outfit. I want to shoot there! You look so at home probably cos most people had left. And the fun you had shows through on your face. Your laughter is very contagious #imagenumberthree. Great fitting dress for sure and I love the stripes.


  9. This is a beautiful dress and styling it with white trainers has given it an extra chic touch. Social media especially sites like instagram and snapchat takes up most of my time I must accept and sometimes it gets unhealthy but I think with discipline its possible to use it with moderation.



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