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The human mind is an amazing thing or should I say an amazing place?  This past week I have been watching the Olympics in my spare time and I have been truly amazed at the mindset of those who are proudly there representing their countries, gladly putting their bodies through hell and have kept on going. While I was sitting in my lounge room complaining about my sore back, right there in front of me on the TV was the Australian women's track cycling team riding at top speeds fighting for a medal. Earlier that week one of the girls had crashed during training and had to be stretchered out of the velodrome.  Even though she was given the all clear, you could easily see that she was in pain but she put her mind to it and rode through the pain.  If that had happened to me, oh my gosh, drama queen would have milked it big time.  In fact that would have called for two weeks complete bed rest.  

Seriously, these Olympians have put me to shame and I have decided to at least try and push through some pain.  I am going to start using the exercise bike that the hubs bought me, which has been standing on its own in the corner for God knows how long.  In fact I am going to record myself saying - DO IT LIKE AN OLYMPIAN - in my best coach voice ever and that will  be what I will be listening to while on the bike (did someone just sniffed and coughed and laughed at that?).  The old me says its not going to work but hey the new me says put your mind to it and do it.  

Today's simple black and white outfit is a bodysuit which I bought from Shein, the skirt is custom made and the shoes are from Wittner.  

Thanks for stopping by again today, let me know your thoughts in the comments box below and enjoy the rest of your week. xo


  1. I absolutely agree with you. I am newly inspired to start exercising again. I am done being envious of what is achievable, instead I will make small goals to reach. I know the original chock and pain to my body will make me want to quit but its a promise I made to my daughters as well so I will do it.

  2. Lovely outfit, love your hair.


  3. that skirt fits you so perfectly. good luck on your bicycle quest. you. can. do it.

  4. I too have bike being used as a clothes rack and have not been inspired enough to jump on it. I Love the skirt and that bodysuit is all kinda sexy..

  5. Hahahaha, Elsie do you work hard at being funny or does it come naturally to you? The later I bet. You'll be just fine, I waved a wand I promise. Go gal, do it like an olympian, LOL. Kisses.


  6. And of course you look lovely!!!!! Cute shoes.


  7. Hahahhaha they have put you to shame indeed. On a serious note though these Olympians really push themselves to the limit. I admire their courage and perseverance. It shows we all are capable of doing the same if we put our mind to it. You look amazing as usual. I'm missing your recipes my taste bugs are craving for them. Enjoy your week.


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