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Crispy Battered Oysters

Oysters, they are not to everyone's liking especially when eaten raw, freshly shucked (shivers), yes, I don't like them that way either. Sierra Leoneans and raw don't see eye to eye. Any stubborn meat that would sum up the courage to challenge a Sierra Leonean cooking pot quickly succumbs to some serious hearty stew accompanied by rice or some other carbohydrate in no time at all.  As for oysters they come in handy stewed nicely for breakfast with freshly baked bread bought from the Fullah stores down the road.  This is when you sit and have breakfast on the front porch to show the neighbors that your family is gentry.

A few years ago I read somewhere that oysters are aphrodisiacs and are rich in amino acids which means they are good for middle aged people right?  If anyone has proof of that, shout out in the comments box below. Moving on, I also read that they are a good source of selenium, vitamin A, B12, calcium, iron and zinc.  
Back home oysters are sold steamed with salt and measured by cups so you could imagine my surprise when I arrived in Australia and found out that they were sold by size.  I was like excuse me you said one for how much? Blinking as if a very heavy wind had just blown some sand into my eyes.  Anywho twelve years on and I still can't believe I have to pay forty dollars for a kilo of oysters. It's killing me guys it's killing me but I take solace in the fact that this recipe is so good and as my grandma use to say "watin go na you belle na im na you yone" (you only own what goes into your stomach).  Rant over, let's cook this thing and enjoy it already.
 Ingredients: 1kg Oysters, 4tbs plain flour, 2tbs corn flour, 1tsp white pepper, 1tsp garlic power, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp salt, 3/4 cup water and vegetable oil for frying.  Note that I washed the oysters and placed them on paper towel to get rid of some of the water as they can become very soggy when fried if the oysters are not properly drained.

To make the batter, add all the dry ingredients into a clean mixing bowl
 Then add the egg
 Then using a whisk mix in the water
 Make sure it is whisked thoroughly so there are no lumps in the batter
 Then add the oysters
 Fry in hot oil till lightly golden
 drain on paper towel to get rid of excess oil
 Served with my Sierra Leonean onion gravy garnished with chopped chilies and shallots.  Enjoy.  


  1. You sure cook with style my dear. Oysters are not for me, but the dish looks tasty.

  2. Whats up girl? Great dish, looks so yummy and I enjoyed your write up as as always. Have a great week ahead.


  3. I really missed coming here... exactly Sierra Leonean and raw and so not friends ..... maybe that's why I didn't like oysters at all because things have to be cooked well down... great dish and will start adding my amino acids early in life.. enjoy the rest of the week...

  4. Here's wishing you a great new week Elsie.


  5. I had no idea oysters were so expensive. We only eat them when we go to ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS. LOL! My husband chews them raw sometimes. And I keep telling him that he is supposed to squeeze lemon juice and swallow them. I like how you make it here, so chewable. Thanks for sharing hun. You look so pretty with that binnie on.

  6. To be honest I've never cooked oysters because they are too expensive. At the restaurant my husband eats them raw (yuk). Your recipe is very interesting my friend! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  7. That looks so delicious.I love the presentation


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