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We Cannot All Be Collectors

I made it to another birthday in health and strength you all, no major issues except that I am becoming a little crispy in the joints haha.  The other day I had to get myself one of those long bathing brushes to scrub my back and the hubs started looking at me as if he's never seen or heard of it before.  

On a more serious note guys, this shopping and accumulation of fabric, leather and heaps of plastic and rubber disguised as leather business is becoming a bit tiring for me, so I am looking at ways to cull down my closet and  go back to being minimalist.  I am tired of washing too many clothes and ironing and hanging out and folding and keeping the closet tidy.  Gosh, I feel for the hoarders out there.  Eish, too much of a good thing is definitely good for nothing.    Guys, collection of  unrelated cheap stuff does not make one a collector instead it only adds to one's weekly chores, which takes the grumpiness a notch higher than normal because I feel as if I am always doing something while others are having fun.  

I want to always be part of the fun and I can only do that if I have less stuff to worry about and more free time to just hang out with the boys.  We cannot all be collectors.  If you find happiness in accumulating stuff, then go for it and good luck but its not working for me and I am taking steps to get myself in a better place than I am today.   On that note scroll down and let me know what you think about today's outfit in the comments box, which I wore to church.  

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. 
Dress: Nicola Finetti
Shoes: Basque
Clutch: Colette


  1. Your dress is beautiful! I love the soft shade. I completely understand collector vs minimalist. I'm starting my journey on the latter. I just cleaned out a bunch of costume jewelry (which I'll donate), and all I see is the money wasted on stuff I don't even wear anymore. Oh, well .. lesson learned. Consumerism isn't for me either.


  2. You look incredible!! Love this dress :)) xx

  3. Such a lovely colour on you!

    Isobel x

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  4. Beautiful dress and accessories, Elsie! I have a small closet now and I am really enjoying it. When I feel like shopping I go out for a mocha latte instead : > Thanks for linking, xo


  5. That color on you is stunning! The lip color too is perfection!
    xo Debbie | www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

  6. You look Fantabulous and I sure understand the paring down of the closet. I am also getting rid of stuff I just don't want to wear anymore. Happy Birthday my Dear.

  7. Ha, crispy in the joints eh? Lol. You are too funny. I have moved far to much to hoard anything--less is best. Elsie, this colour looks amazing on you. I hope you enjoyed your special day! x/Madison

  8. I'm with you Elsie!! It's more fun and freeing to have less stuff.
    This color is magnificent on you!


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