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The Cover - Black and White and A Yellow Duster

Is it just me or it looks as if some of us have managed to regurgitate the apple that Adam and Eve ate which opened their eyes to see that they were naked.  These days naked seems to be the new black.  I do understand that wearing nothing is way cheaper but if we are going to spend money on knickers we might as well use the change to buy a few cocoa leaves to cover it up a bit.  I am all for showing a bit a skin here and there, crop tops, short dresses and sleeveless, short shorts, whatever but bringing Copacabana into mainstream fashion is too much for me.  
How others chose to travel the journey of life on this earth is non of my beeswax but if I am standing next to someone wearing the new black and they are expecting me to look at them in the eye with a straight face, then that is absolutely impossible.  These my two tiny eyes will wander and look and gaze.  
With this sort of smirk on my face, while I am covered just enough as in this outfit, which means I am one up on you.    Are you dying to know where you can get these from?   The dress is from Target Australia, duster from Shein and the sandals are from Wittner.   
As always, thank you so much for stopping by today, as you step into another week, may you tick off more things on your list of goals and get to the end of the week with a heart full of joy and love and hope.


  1. Lovely outfit! I love black and yellow together <3


  2. Unfortunately that's the world we live in now. Sad!
    You look super amazing in this striped dress. I love it!


  3. You look Fabulous and I also love the hair. . .


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