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A Scarlet Floral Dress

"Be bold enough to use your voice
brave enough to listen to your heart
and strong enough to live the life 
you've always imagined" - Anonymous

Hello TCW readers, we're all good?  Yes?  I am doing great, thanks for asking and I truly hope that you are winning and seeing progress in your plans for 2017.  Twenty-two days gone already.  I think the speed at which the earth revolves around the sun has increased or some days come and go without me noticing, like Mondays to Thursdays. All of a sudden it's Friday and I am in my happy place singing bring on the weekend!  Oh snap, where the hell did the weekend go?  Not looking forward to that alarm tomorrow morning but hey life must go on and no one gets anywhere lying down,

Now unto this scarlet floral dress which I wore to church today and previously styled here.  Since that time I forgot all about this beauty until recently while I was sorting out my wardrobe to rid myself of some of the things that I had accumulated over the years (gosh that felt good), it actually felt as if someone had lifted a heavy load off my shoulders.  You all know I love my colors and red just lifts up one's spirit, it gives that extra bust of energy to stand taller, smile brighter and walk just a little faster than normal.  Do you feel like that sometimes?   I even got a lot of compliments from people passing by while we were doing the photo shoot.  A lovely Indian woman stood and looked at us for a while, stopped the hubs and asked if she could take a photo with me.  How cool is that?  These days people are not that friendly and this precious woman made my day.  

As we start another week, it is my prayer that I will be reminded of how small gestures can change someone's situation for the better and would look for ways to bring a smile to someone's day.

Thank you so much for stopping by my lovelies.  Remember to leave me a comment so I know you were here as I'd love to return your visit.  Stay blessed and see you at your blog space.  xo
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  1. Oh, how lovely! I was wondering if the Indian woman was a friend, but she was a friendly observer. We in the US .. could use some friendliness, I think.


  2. Wonderful dress and wonderful positive post! Love this: "no one gets anywhere lying down." Truth. xo


  3. Isn't it nice to see passersby that are so nice on shoots? Elsie you have no idea how good u look in this dress. Girl, you are on fire!!!!!! Yes, very uplifting color. I love it too even though I dont wear it well. Have a beautiful week.


  4. Beautiful dress and you are gorgeous in it! And those shoes? They are perfection.

  5. It's sweet that that lady wanted to take a picture with you. When I was in Japan, many years ago....it was just after SARS and there weren't many Americans or Europeans making travel plans, Chinese tourists on the Great Wall of China all kept asking for me to pose with them for pictures. I was such an anamoly. I felt kind of famous for a minute. I'm in someone's pictorial history somewhere.

    You look marvelous! Love the shoes, but especially the smile.

  6. How could you forget this dress? You look so Fabulous and happy in it.

  7. You look great in the scarlet dress. I like that color. It compliments the wearer most of the time. Good day!

  8. Gorgeous! I want that dress! Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  9. Hi, I am Ada. I have stopped by before as well. Your red floral open-shoulder dress is gorgeous and those pretty shoes match it perfectly. Great look for Valentine's!

    Would love for you to join my latest linkup with such a pretty outfit. A new linkup is live every Thursday. Thank you. =)


  10. Your dress is super stylish. You look lovely.x



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