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Adjust Your Sails + A Black Outfit

"She stood in the storm
 and when the wind did not blow her away
 she adjusted her sails"     
Elizabeth Edwards

Hello my darling readers, how are you all going? Should we talk about new year's resolutions?  Does anyone even care about them anymore?  I don't bother with them because the temptation is too much. It's been only eight days and I have seen my sister struggling with mind, mouth, hands and legs.  One minute she is running to lose weight and the next minute she is swallowing jollof rice like there is no tomorrow. Her mind is telling her no but I strongly believe her hands are against her as I can truly tell you that moving food from the plate to her mouth is all her hands fault.    

2016 was a kind of stressful year for me.  It felt like it was full of bad news and all of them arrived together on my doorstep.  A beautiful friend of mine fell ill which came as a big shock to me and there was a bit of apprehension on the job front.  For a while I was a big emotional wreak, or should I say I was a smiling zombie who was operating on routine.  I went to work, did what I was supposed to do, came home, did my assignments, cried a little lot, ate a lot of chocolate, went to bed and was ready to do it all again the next day.  I find that I tend to take on other people's problems and worry about it for them for free while also worrying about my own.  Anxious people don't do me any good either and gosh there are a lot of them around these days.   At the moment I believe I have come through to 2017 standing firm with adjusted sails ready for whatever opportunities this year throws my way.  

Today's top and skirt is from Cue and sandals from ASOS.  The purse was gifted to me by my sister.
Thank you for stopping by to read my blog.  Enjoy the rest of your week and see you at your own little corner in the blogosphere.  
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  1. Lovely as usual! The hemline of the skirt ~ very stylish. I also like your theory on eating problems ~ yes, I do believe it is the hands fault :-)

    Best wishes for a Happy 2017!!


  2. "Adjusting our sails" is the perfect inspiration for the new year. Love this dress and you are gorgeous! xo


  3. It's always the hands fault. I love your outfit and that skirt is Fantastic on You. Enjoy every moment my Dear.

  4. I love this outfit a lot. And I love the smile too. I don't care about new years resolutions anymore.

  5. Elsie my love, I'm sorry you had a lot on your plate last year. I did too but like I say we're alive and that counts for a lot. You look stunning. I love that skirt. I wish you a great new year.


  6. Your outfit is elegant and exotic, just as you are!

    If NY resolutions simply mean our dreams and plans, then mine are to write and be creative and content with my life. I believe that detail sort themselves out. :)

    Happy New Year Elsie, and I'm wishing you to find your center! Thank you for linking up with Modish Matrons.


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