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Winter Florals

I've had a bit of free time recently and I decided to look at what is trending this winter.  As much as I make an effort to put my outfits together I do not see myself as a big time serious trendy fashionista. I'd rather say I am a dresser who has a bit of an interest in fashion.  Okay, yeah as I was saying, I had a look at what was trending this winter and I found that florals are so in, its not even a joke.    It just so happened that this pretty trendy outfit right here was waiting in my wardrobe and all I had to do was rock it to church today, thank you very much.

The service was great, marvelous worship and the sermon was very encouraging.  It was about the many times people have thought to themselves whether Christianity was worth it and those who were thinking that they had given it a good try and it just wasn't for them.  I feel that way sometimes, I struggle to understand why some things happen within the church community.  I may never understand but I do know that as long as humans are making the decisions, those decision will not always be the right ones because not everyone puts themselves in the other person's shoe before making a decision or acting upon one.

As we all go about our duties this week, lets make an effort to make life a little easier for those around us.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, have a lovely week and see you at your blog space.  xo 

Top and Skirt: Cue
Boots: Asos
Purse: Old


  1. Fantastic look. That skirt is TDF.

  2. That skirt is so, so beautiful! I like the way you styled it.

  3. This skirt look amazing on you.


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