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Father's Day Thanks

Hello TCW readers and happy father's day to all the responsible and selfless dads in the world. Today being father's day, I thought it would be great to say thanks to the hubs for all he's had to put up with from the boys and I throughout the year.  I may be biased here but I kid you not, I have never met someone as chill as this man.  I tell everyone that his faith is stronger than mine by tenfold.  Nothing worries him much.  He strongly believes that "welbodi na gentri" (health is wealth).  No matter what we might be going through he would always say, as long as we are together as a family and we are all well, then it is okay and it shall pass.  
So this morning on our way to church, I took the camera as usual, but when we arrived at the spot where we were going to take the photos I said let me take your photos today.  He was quite surprised but happy with this really small gesture.  
Twenty four also decided to cook something special for lunch.  He made pan fried barramundi with zucchini and chorizo puree, saute mushrooms and lobster with potato nest. For dessert he made sugar free coconut chia pudding, mango jelly and fresh seasonal fruits.  I must say it was an enjoyable day for Gabriel as he loves home cooked food more than going out to eat.
 Thank you so much for stopping by again this week.  Have a lovely week and see you at your blog space.  xx

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  1. My husband says the same thing about me when it comes to faith. He sounds like a loving person with a beautiful heart. I like the way you describe him. And that smile! He looks so sharp. He looks great in that shirt, and the food looks great too.


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