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Weekend Party Outfit Idea: Scuba Skirt and Textured Top

Hello, hello, hello, welcome to TCW!  If today is your first visit, please take your time to look around, I mean feel at home my darlings, just imagine I am in the kitchen cooking up a storm for you, so be patient, you might just happen on an idea or two. To my regular visitors, heeeeey, you know you are always welcome at TCW, come on give us an imaginary group hug sweethearts, muuah, muuuuuah.

Last week blogging could not happen because serious stuffz was happening elsewhere in the life of yours truely.  I may have just exaggerated the seriousness of said stuffz however I just could not do the spider thingy, after all I've only got two hands.  Before you start thinking if I've never heard of multitasking and the fact that women are supposed to be good at it, I can tell you that I am pretty good at it too but sometimes multitasking just won't cut it.  So here we are again at the end of another week which went so fast for me it feels like some of the days went by without me even noticing.

Anywho, its that time of year again, party fever is in the air.  We were invited to a friend's engagement party and this is what I wore to the do.  It was a beautiful party, lots of boogying, boozing and soft drinks for those of us that don't drink alcohol.   

Now scroll down and let me know what you think about the outfit.  Stay blessed and have a splendid week.  xoxo.
Top: Piper
Skirt: Piper Similar
Shoes: Basque
Earrings: Pandora
Watch: Invicta
Clutch: Colette 


  1. What an elegant look, chic and pretty!

  2. Such glamorous and classy look

  3. Looking really beautiful in your party dress, Elsie. Hope this week is not quite so hectic for you.

  4. Such a beautiful skirt. Will work great for parties.

    Roseleen and Bridgette
    In Style Custody

  5. I know am always welcome here haha... Hope you are keeping well. Time is always running so fast and sometimes you don't even get the chance to get hold of yourself and another year will end. Glad you enjoyed the party all glammed up. Make up on point and the colours just blend in together. Always so beautiful.
    . Enjoy your week

  6. Gorgeous, classic party attire, you look fabulous. xox


  7. I see you got your party on and I love this outfit on you. Enjoy the Holidays!!

  8. Perfect and classy outfit! You look great!


  9. I missed you last weekend girlfriend but I knew it had to be serious stuff for you to skip. Glad to read you again. Anyone every told how great your sense of humor is? You have me in stitches time after time darling. The spider thingy, omg I can't stop laughing. But you look like a million bucks. I love the close up shot. Your skirt is very pretty. Glad to hear you had fun at the event.

  10. blessings....
    I trust you had a good time?



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