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Navy Blue Jumpsuit + Not For The Fainthearted

Hello, hello, hello TCW readers.  How are we all doing? Hope fine and looking forward to the Christmas break.  

My people a lot of crazy things are happening around us daily but this one takes the cake in my books.  The other day I heard in the news that some young lady decided to surgically remove six of her ribs to achieve the smallest waist ever.   I am no doctor and have not got any professional medical knowledge whatsoever but I  know that Panadol is for headache and I also know that the rib cage is there for a reason, and that reason is to cover the vital organs in the body. What the ...........?(fill in the blank as you please).  If its for health reasons then I would understand but just to look a certain kind of way, this is absolutely ridiculous or some might say she is one ballsy chic.   

I wouldn't dare do it simply because I will achieve the opposite effect.  I would have nothing to hold my innards in place when I suck in my tummy for these blog photos so lets not just go there.  Its hard enough as it is to hold my breath for like forever now.  I was however wondering if she would be so flexible that one could just pick her up by the legs and shake or stretch her like Mrs Incredible? If that's the case then  I might just change my mind and say I am in. Who doesn't want super powers?   

Now for the outfit which I wore to my friend's anniversary party.  The jumpsuit looked really nice on its own but the outfit needed that little extra touch so I plaited three headscarves which I bought in Ghana and boom, outfit uplift complete, purse check, comfy shoes check, boogy mode activated.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  As always, let me know you were here and I will come and give you a hola.   Have a lovely week and stay blessed. xo
Jumpsuit: Forever New
Sandals: Wittner (Old)
Purse: Old
Earrings: Witchery
Watch: Invicta


  1. Hi Elsie!! Every day we hear something so crazy! You look great and I love your makeup! BTW, I love how you suck your stomach in for those photos . Lol!!

  2. It's always amazing to hear or read about all the strange things that ladies do in the name of beauty.
    Lovely jumpsuit; I like the color and also the head wrap.
    Have a great week.

  3. Great style and colour that radiates.

  4. I love everything about this outfit. Love the jumpsuit, love the flawless face & love your swag. Enjoy it all my dear.

  5. Looking good in that suit! The colour is perfect! :)

    And I love those strappy heels! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  6. I saw it on Facebook and I just couldn't give it another look of how ridiculous she looked and what was she thinking. You wonder these days if people really listen to doctors advice, like you said the ribs are there for a purpose as our creator took his time to create us perfectly with everything our body needs to function well. Haha maybe me too just for the super powers. But you look amazing too and you Rock the jumpsuit. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. I choose fudge. What the fudge? She what???? Omg! She is ballsy alright. I'm not even nearly. I must be living under a rock called 'report cards' cos I didn't even hear about her.

    Ok, I can't get past the second, third at the most sentence of your posts without laughing out so loud. Time and time again you have me and your other readers (I assume) in stitches.

    The look: I looooove what you did with the scarves darling! Omg, I'd have never thought of that. Noted and added to my 'try it' list. It totally looks awesome and works with the beautiful jumpsuit. Perfect look for the anniversary. Your makeup is so on point girl, I love! You know I do. Hope your week is going great, xx.


  8. Dear Elsie, you are beyond beautiful
    Tons of love

  9. people do crazy things nowadays all in the name of trying to look beautiful! Love your jumpsuit and how you tie that scarf!


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