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In Tune

Hello TCW friends.  Another week has started and I am just praising my maker for all he has done for me and my family this 2015.

Today's food for thought which I got from service is to be in tune at all times.  If you hang around the wrong company for too long, it becomes your normal.  Pastor David told us a story from his teenage years when he was in a band and he was the guitarist.  They would all gather to practice and someone would just shout out give me an E and he would play that note  and everyone else would follow his lead.  The only problem was that he was making the notes up as they went and none of the others knew better because they were all out of tune together.  Then another friend who actually knew what he was doing joined the band and even went and bought a tuner.  Can you imagine how surprised they were to find out they were all out of tune the whole time?

Sometimes we find ourselves in friendships that we are not comfortable in and because we don't want to offend anyone we stay put, slowly killing the conscience till the uncomfortable becomes comfortable.   I believe being in tune helps us realize whether we should stay, take a break or move on.  Hmmmmmm.

Today's outfit I wore to the city with the Hubs and Eight after service. Hope you like it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your continued support of my blog.  Hope you have a great week.  I will be joining Patti for her Visible Monday Linkup Party.

Top: Lushous
Skirt: Jacqui e
Hat: Betts
Shoes: The Shoe Show


  1. Wow what a story. So true, staying in tune is very important especially with our friendships as some times we mingle with people who are not in sync with our dreams and directions in life and if we don't know when to move on we will be diverting in different directions until we lose our sense of direction. You look so young and chic in this outfit. Enjoy your week.

  2. Great story about staying "in tune". And what a pretty outfit - you look chic and happy. xo


  3. I so agree with you darling, staying in tune is something we should all be doing at all times. The weather must still be warm there. You look stunning girl. I live the tank and the addition of the hat. Fantastic look!
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  4. This is such a fun look . Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what we've been doing wrong all along.

  5. Wise words , staying in tune and being true to ourselves is so very important.
    Your outfit is so pretty and perfect for a hot Perth Summer day.

  6. Such a Great story and so very true. . the company you keep becomes you! You look so cool, comfy, chic and very tropical here my dear. Enjoy the Holidays!!

  7. My dear, so lovely to see you in this carefree Summer outfit! Your pastor is a wise man. I think when we're in tune with ourselves, that's when we create friends who are also in tune with themselves. Then we can play beautifully together.

    ps You warmed my heart with your sweet comment. :)

  8. Great post and I agree with your thoughts here--being in tune with what's going on in your life as well as being cognizant of who you keep around you is very important. Staying true to one's self is key. You look lovely in these beautiful colours! x


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