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Shito - A Ghanaian Very Versatile Hot Chilli Sauce

Legend has it that anyone who tries this sauce automatically becomes fluent in Ga and Twi (two 
Ghanaian dialects), so if you want to become multilingual overnight then go and make yourself a batch now.  HA, the secret is out!!  I cannot tell you enough how versatile this sauce is.  I am yet to find a meat that this sauce doesn't go with.  I tell you tomato sauce has got nothing on this one.  In fact this sauce is hot and sexy (what has sexy got to do with sauce?  It's February guys everything should be hot, spicy and saucy).  Enough of that, let me show you how I made it.  
Photo 1. Ingredients: 80gms of dried long chillies, 8 medium sized brown onions, 80gms of smoked prawns, 6 cups vegetable oil, ginger(thumb size which is about 2 inches), 10 dried ghanaian cloves (in Sierra Leone we call it spice), 5 prawn stock cubes and 11/2 tps of salt (or to your liking).

Photos 2-6: Shows how I put the ingredients in the food processor before blending into a paste. Not I put the onions under as that will wet the other ingredients as it blends.  No water should be added to the paste.  
Photo 7:  Pour the paste into a large pot
Photo 8:  Then add the oil
 Photos 9-12: shows from the start of the cooking process to halfway through over medium heat. It takes a while for all the juices from the onions to cook out completely.  If you cook it over high heat it will burn and spoil the taste of the sauce. Remember to stir it constantly so the bottom doesn't stick to the pot.  It took about 40 minutes to get it to halfway as shown in photo 12.
 Photos 13 - 16:  An additional 20 minutes of cooking over medium heat and stirring constantly and it was ready as shown in photos 13-15.  I then sterilized my jars in boiling water and dried them up.
Photos 17 - 19: I put the warm sauce into the jars, then seal in boiling water (took about 5 minutes), then took them out of the pot and onto the kitchen bench to cool down.   This lasts for months.  Oh this was too much for my family so I gave some to my friends.

Thanks for coming over and reading.  If you try this recipe let me know how yours turned out and if you are on social media, remember to tag me.

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Enjoy the rest of your week and see you at your blog space.  xoxo.


  1. I love shito!! In fact I just ate some with spaghetti few minutes ago.
    I must say it takes bloody long to cook though. Lol!! Your version is different too. - Might have to try your recipe and see how that goes. :)


    1. I know girl, the thing is too yummy not to love it and I am with you that it takes forever to prepare. It's worth the wahala though :)

  2. I am so saving this to try. It looks so yummy. Eating it with spaghetti like Missy said must be yummy. I can't wait and I can't stop laughing @everything in february has to be hot and spicy. Have a fab week girl.

  3. Interesting post as usual. I can definitely see myself enjoying that hot and spicy sauce with some serious pasta. Thanks for sharing doll!

  4. I've never tried this. It looks tasty :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  5. Hola guapa..te acabo de conocer ¿quieres que nos sigamos por GFC? me encantar√≠a.
    Te espero .


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