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Choices - to choose something or someone over another, to make a conscious decision to go for an alternative option when presented with many.  

Choices, we make them all the time, some are part of our everyday decisions and they come to us easily without thinking much or losing sleep over them. For example, I look at my son. 23 making a conscious choice everyday to go to the gym come rain or shine.  He has been doing it for so long now, he doesn't even think about whether to go or not, he knows he wants to do it, he has chosen to do it and he does it without fail.  

There are times when one finds themselves in situations that make them feel as if they've been placed between the devil and the deep blue sea and in as much as none of the situations look appealing to them, they have to make a choice, as difficult as it may be, a choice to dance with the devil or a choice to swim and woe betide that their swimming skills are like mine, which is nil, then they are left with one choice.
Choices hmmm choices, they can be hard to make if one forgets the values one believes in, the values that makes one hold their heads up high even in adversity, the values that remind one that one's integrity is everything and changing one's true self just so one can fit into the crowd or become part of the "in" circle is not worth it.  
Choices, yeah choices. I know, sometimes people think I am weird, I don't talk a lot, but everyone is different.  I am a listener.  I choose to listen, take my time to comprehend and then make a decision. Am I playing it safe?  Maybe but Proverbs 13:3 says "he that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life" and I choose life.
Choices, we are faced with them daily, we make them daily, conscious ones and unconscious ones, good ones and ever so often bad ones to our own detriment.  Remember, nothing is forced upon us, we make our own choices and whatever we continue to chose is what will become the norm.  
Thank you for choosing to top by and read my blog , hope you enjoyed reading today's post and the photos of the outfit.  The dress was custom made in Ghana, the shoes are from Wittner, the cardigan is from Jacqui-e and the purse from Collette.  Have a lovely week and see you at your blog space. xoxo


  1. Choices, oh choices indeed. We make them so often and we do them with our subconscious mind. It's very daunting, oh I have made lots of good and bad choices and I learn every day and I wish going to the gym like your son was one of it Hahahhaha. I'm also like you I love listening and observing alot more than talking. You look amazing. Happy Sunday and enjoy your week.

  2. Kudos to your son! Life is surely full of choices. Good ones, bad ones and everything in between. I too don't like to go with the flow just to fit in unless I make a 'choice' to do whatever it is for very valid reasons that do NOT include fitting in. I love that Bible verse, didn't know about it. Saved. Thank you for that. I love your style choices today as well. Very beautiful look all in all. Have a great week Elsie darling!


  3. The choices we make in life are very important. They can make or break us. You look stunning Elsie. I love this dress on you. I'm a listener too. I don't talk much.

  4. Wonderful post - we are the result of so many of our decisions. You're such a thoughtful, lovely person and thanks for sharing, xo


  5. You look Fabulous. Your hair is on point, your make-up on point and that dress is TDF. Choices, sometimes too many choices. What sweet treat shall I have today? When I know that I am Not to eat sweets. .Ooh but one small scoop of Hagen Daz Rum Raisin won't hurt, will it?

  6. You look lovely in this dress with those cute little boots. Well written post too!

    Isobel x

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  7. Oh your dress is too cute! Choices are always hard to make be it the simplest of things. Love your look and thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Lovely dress! Greetings! Happy weekend!:)


  9. Great post, dear. Choices! Hmmm...I know I've made some terrible and bad ones, but God being so merciful I'm here and there's room for improvement.
    You look amazing! I really love the fabric. Great! :)


  10. Wonderful outfit, and purple looks so beautiful on you. Life is all about choices --- it's what we do with them that matters most. I've learnt a lot from choices. Have a great new week. x


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