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Spotlight + A Short Anniversary Story

I see it, far away, the light, the spotlight
Its shining bright, beautiful, on the performer
I am in the audience looking,
looking at the light, not the performer
the light, the spotlight
I am thinking, I can do this
I know I can do this
I can do the spotlight, shining, bright and beautiful
But I am part of the audience
Looking at the light, not the performer
The light, the spotlight

I am standing in the audience
With the audience
Clapping, smiling, looking at the light
My mind is reaching out, in the audience
To understand it, to get close to it, to be part of it
The light, the spotlight
My soul is longing for the light
In my mind’s eye I see myself
Crawling towards the shiny bright and beautiful
Reaching, longing, yearning for
The light, the spotlight
I hear a voice next to me say
That was beautiful
Yeah, it was, I said
The light, shining bright and beautiful
No, the performance was excellent
Oh, yeah, it was.
I have been looking at the light
Not the performance
And I missed it, the beauty,
The time spent to master, to perfect the art
The sacrifice, the energy, the blood, the sweat, the tears
Hmmm, the spotlight.

Pay attention on the performer
The spotlight, though shining bright and beautiful
Cannot be reached from the audience
I missed it, the moment, the connection with the performer
I missed it, while looking at the spotlight.
You've read this far?  You champion, thank you so much for stopping by and reading today's post. Today's crop top and pants are from Cue, booties from Wittner, bomber from Jacquie and necklace from Witchery.  

Today is one of our wedding anniversaries.  The hubs and I were married twice as you do :).  Our first wedding date which happens to be today was a low key wedding and because we were not able to invite our beautiful friends we decided to do it again sometime later.   I am no celebrity but I love parties and if that means getting married twice, or thrice or as many times as possible,  then count me in.  I will do it all again in a heartbeat really.  Can you feel another wedding coming on? Halleluyah!!!


  1. Happy anniversary to you both may God. May God continue to bless ur Union. Keep looking at the light and shine

  2. Aw, happy 1st anniversary !!

    Love the fun print on your pants :-)


  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Looking so good in those great printed pants and coral top.

  4. Happy Anniversary and 50 more! You look lovely as always. xo


  5. Happy Anniversary hun! I love your top, the cut and colour is fab.
    So happy I found another salone blogger! yay




  6. Happy first anniversary babe! You look great. And I love, love the intro. You are amazing and stunning.

  7. What an intro to your special day and this outfit. I Love the top and the pants. . .yes those pants are TDF. Enjoy each and every moment my dear.

  8. What a write up. Very poetic of course, very meaningful and very deep. Had multiple meanings for me. A very happy anniversary to you. Heck have as many weddings as you like, totally your prerogative. One life to live. You my dear look to die for, Cute top, in love with it and the whole look.


  9. How poetic! Happy anniversary to y'all. May God continue to move y'all forward. You look great. Love your blouse. :)


  10. Beautiful post, and love how your wrote it. Wishing you both a wonderful anniversary weekend. Really great outfit. x/Madison


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