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Autumn Colours

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Wardrobe.  Thanks to all you lovely friends who leave me such fantastic comments about my outfits.  Special shout out to Dana of Dana Loves Fashion and Style for another Wabi Sabi project feature.   You can read all about it here.   If I haven't returned your visit lately, its because I have been trying to catch up with school work and will definitely come over once I've sorted myself out.  Yes I am still going and hopefully will get there by twenty twenty. Now be nice don't laugh.

Isn't it beautiful when you receive a gift from someone and it just so happens that it belonged to a very dear person in the giver's life?  Two years ago, a friend of mine gave me two kaftans which belonged to her mother.  This one and a turquoise and yellow one which will eventually debut on the blog.  

She had just returned from visiting her mum back home and she said when she was leaving she chose those two particularly for me.  How nice and thoughtful.  They came complete with the head wraps and wrap skirts, however I didn't feel like a skirt today so I have styled the kaftan with leggings and my Ghanaian slippers.

Let me know if you like how I styled it in the comments box.


  1. What a beautiufl tunic and lovely photos, too. Bare feet in Autumn? Fab! x

  2. You look stunning, Elsie, beautiful photos and look! :)

  3. Perfection doll, you look amazing!! xx

  4. You have such generous friends and you wore this outfit like it was made for you. I love each and every pose.

  5. Your friend certainly picked the right kaftan with this one! The colours are great on you. And you've styled it beautifully with the lovely sandals and leggings. I do love your bangles too - I'm a collector myself and I go weak every time I see some nice ones :-)

    I wish I could wear a turban, I think it's so chic and elegant (the famous Danish writer Karen Blixen was often seen wearing one), but it always looks strange with glasses, like my face is getting "crowded" - but I really like the look on you.

  6. WOW this was a gift??!! What an absolutely stunning Kaftan and you wear it so perfectly. Really. So elegant and pretty.

    Thank you for joining the #reasonstodress real mom street style linkup and I hope to have you back next Tuesday.

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

  7. This is a great outfit. Looks a little bit like greek goddess ;-) Nice colours.
    Greetings Tanja

  8. Oh Elsie! Of course I like the way you styled it! With that flower you made out of your head scarf? Fantastic, dear friend!

    Good luck with your study, you are a smart and brave woman! xxx

  9. Beautiful dress on you Elsie, you really suit the earthy tones! I love how this is so elegant and effortlessly chic! :)
    Wishing you a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

  10. This is such a fun color. And I love the silk material too.

  11. So special to have something with so much meaning to wear. You look simply stunning in these colours, Elsie.
    Hope your workload eases soon , it will be all worth it .

  12. You look gorgeous, Elsie! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  13. Beautiful outfit! You look absolutely lovely in it! Goegeous as always!

    have a wonderful and stressless week

  14. The tunic is beautiful. Great casual outfit! :-)


  15. what beautiful print and colors!!
    such a great gift!! the styling with the leggings gives a modern, urban touch, well done! love the pic of you in the gum tree, you look like the fairy of the tree!!!!

  16. The leggings look perfect with it. Great gift. So pretty! http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

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